When I came home the lovely wife had bought Stross' Invisible sun!

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For the trip home I went to the science fiction bookshop looking for the latest Stross but they had already sold out! I grabbed The ministry for the future instead. I'm about 150 pages or so in. Really good.

Konjunktiv! Blir ju lite glad. Från Klas Östergrens Renegater.

Disney's Cruella was a surprisingly good movie. Both Emma Stone and Emma Thompson were absolutely faboulous, the filming marvellous and, well, the clothes, wow, the clothes!

Here's me in front of one of them, AIDA, a DEC 2065 I once had an account on.

The photo was taken in a museum many years after I used AIDA and the first time I saw it.

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Not every day you find Carolina reaper in the local grocery store! Haven't eaten them raw before. Really hot. I hope no one buys these by mistake.

Slight pause for some manga my daughter recommended: "The magus of the library". So far it's more a story about texts, stories and reading. It's really good.

Now reading about the Finnish army headquarter's patrols during 1939-45. I know too little about the history of Finland. Trying to change that.

Read James Palmer's "The bloody white baron" about Roman von Ungern-Sternberg, once the dictator of Mongolia, on the train. Recommended!

Spent the weekend in Stockholm celebrating Netnod's 25th anniversary. Now back in Malmö.

My work laptop yesterday decided I had too few rainbows in my life. Took the afternoon off after it crashed one time to many. Also, World Pride starts today.

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