In some of my old sent mail (reading from 2002 now) I found that I hade included a Face: header with a small BASE64 PNG.


Carolina reaper chili plant at the local food store near my cottage! Mine!

The actual teapot image. Tusky went ahead and published the post without the image when image upload failed! I think SDF's Mastodon might have been under DoS yesterday.

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Both Swedish characters and { } et cetera at the same time in novaed under CP/M-86 on a Compis. What kind of character set was this?

Was just reminded of my visit to see AIDA, a nice DEC 2065 in Uppsala. I had an account on TOPS-20 running on AIDA a long time ago but this was the first time I actually saw the computer, many years after it had been turned off. Clumsily trying to hug it.

-10 -20

Screen shared Compis emulator over video conference with WebRTC. Really nice frame rate.

Got my delivered to my quarantine cottage! Yes! Finally! Got so desperate I've been practicing with sawed-off a broom handle. life.

Found my old Efika Smartbook here in the quarantine cottage. It won't start. What should I do with it? It's a small ARM laptop.

Ad-hoc WFH setup from our cottage in the woods where I've been the last weeks. Missing my adjustable desk, my great chair and, of course, the HHKB, but I cope.

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