Not every day you find Carolina reaper in the local grocery store! Haven't eaten them raw before. Really hot. I hope no one buys these by mistake.

That said, I have several sauces with the reaper so I was quite prepared. Nice taste and nice sensation. I'm on my seventh bite.

Quite funny that the sign in the store says "Every day"!

@mc Hard core, my friend, hard core. I'm not sure I can even *look* at reapers. 😉


Oh shit, jävlar vad jag tycker synd om denne som råkar köpa

@selea Ja, det hade varit vettigt med en liten varningsskylt istället för den lilla texten om att det är världens starkaste.

@selea @mc Namnförslag:

Akuten nästa
Å dra åt helvete vad starkt

@joacim @selea Haha! Jisses! Är man ganska van chili så är de starka, för all del, men inte värda det där.

Nej, jag skulle inte stoppa en hel frukt i munnen och tugga massa. Men en liten skärva i taget fungerar.


At 500 kr per kg, I assume nobody is going to buy very much by mistake!

@publius I was thinking more like buying a single fruit since the recipe they're following says "add a fresh chili to the pot" or something. And then get a nasty surprise.

@mc pickle em. different kind of heat. Bit more intense but you can be much more liberal with it as garnish and just add it to food without being over powering.

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