alt.gothic is still alive!? Almost. 66 messages since July and not all of them spam!

Of course not the same as it used to be. Where do people hang out these days? I have found /r/goth on Reddit, the Gothy Discord and just now the alt.gothic Facebook group. Facebook, really?

Are there any good goth/post-punk/wave mailing lists?

@mc There is more action in FsXNET alone than in the entire Usenet I think. :)

@joacim Oh, I don't know about that. There are still live corners like comp.compilers, alt.sys.pdp10, alt.folklore.computers and the like.

@mc FsxNET is a FTN style network, available via BBS:es (hint: :) )

@joacim I found their web page. Politics and religion banned!

@mc Yeah after the great Trump debacle last year they banned that. Probably for the best.

@mc I do a ton of newsgroups on my BBS but don't always have the time to follow them.

@mc Wouldn't know, not my scene. Neither is Reddit or Facebook.

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