This is not unlike the way farmers' telephone companies arose 120 years ago & more in the rural USA. In fact a friend of mine recalls how her father ran a wire out to his parents' farm. The telephone company told him they would provide the service if he would take care of the line.

@publius Exactly! I think a lot of things like this could take place elsewhere. In the inland north of Sweden, for instance. People there usually have access to tractors and stuff and laying fibre is not the real problem, really.

The main thing it requires is getting away from the mindset of capitalism. As long as capitalism is a tool, one way among many of getting things done, I have no great quarrel with it ; but it tends to expand to fill all available space.

@publius Consumer-owned cooperatives might be the way to go here.


In my opinion, they offer a set of solutions which should be implemented FAR more frequently.

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