Snakeware, a Linux distribution that boots directly to Python, like the home computers of old. Uses framebuffer directly from Python!

@mc The name is giving me Slackware vibes.

@mc This is cool. If I'm not mistaken an early (and later abandoned) goal of the Raspberry Pi was to have it boot to a Python interpreter by default.

@mc "Pi is because originally we were going to produce a computer that could only really run Python. So the Pi in there is for Python. Now you can run Python on the Raspberry Pi but the design we ended up going with is much more capable than the original we thought of, so it's kind of outlived its name a little bit." -

@evn Cool! I didn't know that. I remember seeing something early about bringing back the home computer and booting into an interpreter, but not that it was Python. Thanks for the link.

why didn't SUN do that with Java!? too busy with the dumb terminal model?

@uuim They did have the

But of course it's not like old home computers booting into an interpreter you can immediately type in your programs on.

oh, it is close: "The JavaStation comes with JavaOS in the flash memory"
I thought it was PXE bootloading.

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