Swedish team ended up in first place in the blue team exercise Locked Shields 2021! Congratulations!

When I was a part of the Swedish team in 2019 we ended up in third place. I hope to be asked again.


Looking for a minimalist image viewer in type safe languages I stumbled on


One of the examples is go-wayland-imageviewer. No C dependencies. Compiles to a static binary if you like.

Draws client-side decorations, though, and doesn't keep aspect ratio. But cool!

Birdsite's zip archive has a web interface you can use. However, almost all URLs are then through t.co, just like on the real site.

I notice that they recognize .onion links, though, and those are not through t.co.

Also, the real URLs are left in the tweet.js file in "expanded_url".

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Got my zip from birdsite. Now deleting some stuff.

Investigated the chasquid mail server yesterday:


It's an SMTP MTA in Go.

Unfortunately it says it's "chasquid" in both the SMTP banner and after HELO. Not configurable, but easy to change in the code.

Funny thing is that it uses quotes from Nethack in most messages. Also good for fingerprinting, of course, but I laughed out loud.

Today, I'm looking at


another MTA in Go.

Revision's Twitch stream ended rather suddenly but they're streaming through CCC:


"Drinks are allowed on CCC streams", as they said. Cheers!

Of course, we made the entire thing green on black in monospace with an inspirational quote on the main page: "But we are HACKERS and hackers have black terminals with green font colors."

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We had an internal hackathon at dayjob earlier this week. Rewrote an internal web app in


Made plenty of progress in just two days (and most of the night).

I'm not usually a web person, but it was really fun.

Frustrated I went out on the lawn and did longsword flow drills for half an hour. Feels better now.

Just venting some frustration here.

Maybe I should just delete the birdsite account right away instead...

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Had this idea I would use one of the many scripts available to delete most of my posts on the birdsite.

Seems most scripts depend on the official zip archive you get by the birdsite and, apparently, it can take days to get the archive. Their API doesn't let you view all posts in the timeline, apparently, so you need the post ID for every single one to really get them all.

Updated my page about my personal computer history. Scroll down a bit for historical part.


In this documentary Carolyn Cassady speaks fondly about the poly relationship she was in with Neal Cassady and Jack Kerouac. In the 50s!


Klaus Nomi singing Purcell:



I don't think he was from this planet. My goddess what an unearthly voice!

My shell box had a DDoS last night. >4.5 Mpps & >40 Gbps for an hour. My guess is that one of my users made some enemies on IRC or something.

Sort of feels like the 90s but with better bandwidth.

The feeling when you realize you can throw away almost all the code you wrote this week. On the other hand, happiness is a negative diff. Right?

Today we remember the Paris Commune of 1871. 150 years! Imagine bringing a digital wreath to Mur des fédérés at Père Lachaise. Cheers, communards everywhere!

Lately I've been wearing a suit and tie every Friday (shocking my colleagues). Trying to celebrate the small things in life, like the weekend, by dressing up, having some artisanal pastries in the afternoon and perhaps having some sparkling wine, ocassionaly even champagne.

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