Found some old mail archives from 1995 to 1999. Several different formats: Unix mailbox, MH folders and RMAIL's BABYL.

Unfortunately, some of the RMAIL files where corruped and some gzipped file were too.

Still, this means I now have ~120 k mail messages in Notmuch. Not bad.


"[A] 180 page handbook for the future. hardware projects like the OpenBook, The Reform 2 laptop, Librerouter
articles and interviews covering [...] IPFS, Iris, Cabal, Secure Scuttlebutt, and lots more."

A dwm and bspwm-like dynamic tiling Wayland compositor in Zig on top of wlroots:

Talk here:

The team behind the Prosody XMPP server has packaged up Prosody, helper programs and, I think, the Conversations Android app:

Introduced in February, but apparently I missed it:

Compile tex.web with Pascal like the original TeX82 instead of using web2c:

"TeX-FPC – A collection of change files for a TeX system based on Free Pascal"

I've been there only once, (well, I've only been in the US once) but it's a really great museum. I very much hope they will re-open in time.

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LMI Lambda Lisp Machine emulator LamdbaDelta:

Written mainly by Daniel Seagraves who seems to have a sparse blog here:

He seems to have some real LMI machines now and have been cleaning them up and trying to make them work.

nazis, Jordan Peterson 

Total ownage of Jordan B. Peterson:

"Exposing Jordan Peterson’s Barrage of Revisionist Falsehoods About Hitler, the Holocaust and Nazism"

Oh, no! Amazing museum with amazing engineering work now closed and people let go?

"On the closing of Living Computers Museum+Labs"

"And when IPv6 is in use, the median connection setup is 1.4 times faster than IPv4. This is primarily due to reduced NAT usage and improved routing."

A dwm-like Wayland compositor:

Someone was faster than me. I also added a tiling mode to wlroot's tinywl, but this project seems more complete. Lots of things still do do, however, and not quite ready to use as daily driver. Promising!

Amazing podcast where Lex Fridman talks with with AI researcher/cognitive scientist Joscha Bach on, among other things, consciousness and the computational universe:

Also on Youtube:

"One of the troubles of the world has been the habit of dogmatically believing some thing or other. All of these matters are full of doubt and the rational man will not be too sure he is right. We ought always to maintain our opinions with a measure of doubt." <3 <3 <3

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Carolina reaper chili plant at the local food store near my cottage! Mine!

Brought one of my singlespeeds to the cottage. Really nice biking around, but a lot more hilly than Malmö.

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