Why hasn't anyone told me about Lego Heroica? Perfect for introducing board games and role playing games to my biological experiments.


New blog post: Videotex and online services


Triggered by the recent Bildschirmtext talk at HOPE 2020.

I added a focused border to dwl. Accepted upstreams. Still a lot to do on dwl, but it's slowly moving forward.

Leonard Cohen sings the old wobbly song Solidarity Forever! Didn't know he had made a cover.


I was recently made aware of how people on the spectrum are treated in France. Here's a 2018 article in The Guardian, for instance:


"Parents are told: ‘Forget your child, grieve for your child and accept the fact that they will be put in an institution’."


"France is the last bastion of psychoanalysis."


dwl now has a zoom function, thst is modkey+return to make a window the master. Makes it more usable but still lots to do before it can be the daily driver Wayland compositor.

In some of my old sent mail (reading from 2002 now) I found that I hade included a Face: header with a small BASE64 PNG.

See quimby.gnus.org/circus/face/

First time I've been offered money for a hack.org mail account. 250 USD for two accounts for ten minutes. Then I could delete them again.

No deal.

But the standard version seems to have been under USD 1000.

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Just tried a video conference for a mailing list I've been on since 1992. I've known people there for a long time but never seen them or talked to them, so I guess it was time. Only three of us turned up, unfortunately. Better luck next time, perhaps.

Squee! Portable VT52/VT100/VT220 with up to 15 hours of battery time on the later models! Built-in modem, typically 1200 b/s, but version with 2400 and even 9600 b/s existed. I guess the 9600 b/s version was really expensive.


Kent Pitman's version of the Maclisp manual, mostly for the PDP-10:


Anyone heard about the Common Lisp Operating Environment? Ran on a standard 386. Kent Pitman might have been involved. Jim Reith ported Flavors to it. Anyone? Is the source available somewhere?

Found some old mail archives from 1995 to 1999. Several different formats: Unix mailbox, MH folders and RMAIL's BABYL.

Unfortunately, some of the RMAIL files where corruped and some gzipped file were too.

Still, this means I now have ~120 k mail messages in Notmuch. Not bad.



"[A] 180 page handbook for the future. hardware projects like the OpenBook, The Reform 2 laptop, Librerouter
articles and interviews covering [...] IPFS, Iris, Cabal, Secure Scuttlebutt, and lots more."

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