Disney's Cruella was a surprisingly good movie. Both Emma Stone and Emma Thompson were absolutely faboulous, the filming marvellous and, well, the clothes, wow, the clothes!

Here's me in front of one of them, AIDA, a DEC 2065 I once had an account on.

The photo was taken in a museum many years after I used AIDA and the first time I saw it.

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As a part of the Culture Night in Uppsala the Update computer society talks about the computer history and shows some of their computer collection:



A couple of hundred people with a couple of different flags of Afghanistan just passed me shouting "Democracy!"

My first C3 was 25C3 in 2008 and that was also my first visit to Berlin so I didn't get to see the Blinkenlights in person.

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Today 20 years ago the first lights were lit on Chaos Computer Club's Project Blinkenlights, a project to make a giant dynamic billboard out of the Haus des Lehrers in Berlin. Here's a film about the project:


Web page: blinkenlights.de/

Haus des Lehrers is just next to the Berlin Congress Center where the C3 conference was held for a long time.

On 11 September 1973 a military coup took over Chile from the
democratically elected socialist government of Salvador Allende. Chile
was after the coup ruled by a military dictatorship until 1990.
Thousands were murdered by the regime. Tens of thousands were tortured
in prison.


Quite funny that the sign in the store says "Every day"!

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That said, I have several sauces with the reaper so I was quite prepared. Nice taste and nice sensation. I'm on my seventh bite.

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Not every day you find Carolina reaper in the local grocery store! Haven't eaten them raw before. Really hot. I hope no one buys these by mistake.

Not that I care about the euro symbol. I just want the physical ANSI layout with the horizontal return key.

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Ever wondered what the weird "English Europe" keyboard on Lenovo's web site means?

It seems it's just an ANSI layout with a euro symbol! Nice! Just what I want.


Rob Pike was a little frustrated when he visted PARC and worked on those machines:


When he speaks about "our windows" it's probably the Blit windowing terminal that later was commercialized as the Teletype 5620 and followers:


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"A retrospective on the Dorado, a high performance personal computer" from 1983 (PDF).

This is the followup on the Alto. The machine ran Smalltalk-80, Cedar and Interlisp-D environments.

The demo that the people from Apple saw was probably Smalltalk on this machine.


The enthusiasm on Usenet and mailing lists, that is, not my own enthusiasm, even if I was interested in seeing where it went.

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Drexler and Smalley debate if molecular machinery would even work: "The concept of molecular assemblers was central to Drexler's conception of molecular nanotechnology, but Smalley argued that fundamental physical principles would prevent them from ever being possible."


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