What do people think about Session, the new encrypted messenger app with metadata protection?


Joseph Cox at Vice Motherboard has written a nice article about Phantom Secure, the company with the modified Blackberry phones:


The recent Vice article about geoengineering wrote in passing that the Arctic ice melting is now irreversible.


They refer to this article in Nature:


Trying out a Pixelbook with Linux/Crostini. Building Emacs 27 with my configure: 90 seconds. Not bad for a fanless laptop.

A friend made a Swedish Rick Astley Hotline using 46elks and 15 lines of Python:


Call +46 766 86 84 36 for a good time.

"Huawei cyber security evaluation centre oversight board: annual report 2020": gov.uk/government/publications

Imagine if equipment of other vendors had this kind of scrutiny!

Wittgenstein as a hardboild thinker. "The Philosopher and the Detectives: Ludwig Wittgenstein's Enduring Passion for Hardboiled Fiction"

25 years since Where the wild roses grow single was released! Now I feel old.

You know, one of those evenings when you don a black suit, pour a cognac, listen to Depeche and Sisters and reminiscence.

Nice read. Clive Thompson's "Coders: Who they are, what they think and how they are changing our world"

On my way to Stockholm for the first time since the pandemic started. Time for an internal hackathon at $dayjob.

First longsword practise at MHFS I attended this semester this evening. So fun! Tired now.

$dayjob (netnod.se/) is looking for junior systems and network people in Stockholm, Sweden:


Sorry for the Linkedin link. It doesn't seem the job ad is on the Netnod page yet:


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