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A reason to celebrate? Or despair that September never ends?

I really think it's a good thing that Internet reaches more people, but at the same time I'm frustrated about much of the modern Internet.

My friend Dave coined "Eternal September" long ago:

Wonderful Max Headroom documentary with only interviews, masterfully cut:

Seems interesting:

"Hackers against technology: Critique and recuperation in technological cycle"

Quote from the intro:

"in this case study I find hackers fighting technological progress they see as social decline."

"What's frightening about AI isn't Terminator and super-intelligent machines. It's the the way AI works to centralize knowledge into the hands of the ones who already have it and further disempower those who don't."

Meredith Whittaker's talk "Breaking the wall of unethical AI":

Of course not the same as it used to be. Where do people hang out these days? I have found /r/goth on Reddit, the Gothy Discord and just now the alt.gothic Facebook group. Facebook, really?

Are there any good goth/post-punk/wave mailing lists?

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alt.gothic is still alive!? Almost. 66 messages since July and not all of them spam!

The Altavista search engine was launched in september 1995, so naturally people have written a lot about it.

I remember another search engine that was rather cool, It had hardware accelerated search!

In the mid '80s my uncle Lars offered me a small PDP-11, probably a PDP-11/23, but it never came to pass.

What would I have done with it?
I have some experience running SIMH and RT-11. Haven't tried getting RSX-11 or RSTS/E running, if it even runs on such a small system.

BSD 2.10 was released in 1987. That would have been fun! If I had been able to get it.

TSX-11, a multi-user OS booted from RT-11, looks rather nice.

My first modem was 300 bit/second. I rented it from Televerket. Might have been 1986. After three months the phone bill arrived and I lost both the modem and all my money to help mom pay the bill.

I had this poster on the wall in the 1980s. I might have got it from the Brand magazine, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know of the real origin?

This image taken from this blog entry where someone photographed it on a wall in London in 1986:


Cory Doctorow about the history of the Usenet alt.* hierarchy and adversarial interoperability:

$dayjob's whitepaper on Network Time Security (NTS) that I contributed to. Wish I had had this when I started writing ntsclient!

Paf talks about $dayjob's Network Time Security work tomorrow. In Swedish, I suppose.

Just bought RC3 t-shirts for more than 100 euro. Daughter's third(?) C3 t-shirt, I think. I have >12 now.

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