@LovesTha @publicvoit She had a lot of health issues that modern medicine disregarded (modern medicine typically does not care for after effects and our health systems are designed to keep looking for the next critical instead of accompanying the former critical back to feeling well).

Homeopaths provide that sense of care that modern medicine lacks, so of course it "works" for many people and they put their faith in homeopaths when health system abandons them.

This problem has many sides.

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@wolf480pl @lanodan ZFS provides periodic scrubs for that case, going over all written data and verifying the checksums to correct the errors on the data that has not been read recently (which would get auto-corrected then).

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Once more for the cheap seats: legalise sex work. There will always be people selling, there will always be people buying.

Bring it out of the Hall of Shame.
Protect the workers.
Tax it.

And stuff this ridiculous, archaic morality.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Danacea/status/142

@wolf480pl But they even put a price tag on it! How can you say they do not value it?

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So, just to remind you: that's Sci-Hub:


It's "illegal", don't use it to search for scientific information ;-)
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@deejoe @fribbledom

Education for profit is such a disgusting concept. Only our sick system could've come up with it.

@piggo @pony Sorry, I didn't check the ads, just looked up a reference to my point. My adblock probably filtered them out.

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Oh and due to overwhelming demand I've set up a Liberapay account. If any of you wants to support my #Emacs, #Scheme or other hacks, the link is in my bio.

@piggo @pony You can configure the shell, even bash, to write history immediately after every command and not overwrite history with the other tab. linuxhint.com/bash_command_his

linux things not to do 

@wasamasa For these kind of things I see value in Nix/Guix as they do not replace your global OS state, just fork it. For general use they can be overkill, but for these kind of experiments those would be part of my lazy approach.

@ignaloidas @wolf480pl Golang has a pretty big runtime to schedule the thousands of goroutine into the real threads. It's also called runtime by them and is added to all generated binaries (that's why small go programs are quite big in binary size).

@resist1984 Not really. I rarely get captchas and usually it's reCAPTCHA not CF's.

@cadadr @civodul Close to that. The "potential benefits" are that you don't have to manage the service nor communication, just the code performing a single function, and that the applications gets stopped when not in active use (so you don't pay). Most services also replicate your server to cope with traffic spikes. For a group of friends/chatbot with low traffic can be less money and management than a VPS.

I still prefer a VPS though.

@eliasr @civodul I'd say that the main point is that your employer should not own your copyrights if you are working in FLOSS. They can pay you for your time and they can pay you to produce anything (physical or otherwise) that they can retain and patent, but copyright over FLOSS should not be owned by companies.

@kippur As a spaniard, I just remove the pronouns or use generic words (that have a gender but is not associated to the group members). Spanish only has 2 definite genders and no neutral.

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@yakub Using tax money to pay for proprietary software should be illegal.
Funneling public money into private pockets sucks in general but with software you can at least require that it should be open source.

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