I heard that ISPs in India and Serbia often offer #CGNAT connections as a budget Internet service. What other countries and circumstances is CGNAT used?


@resist1984 Default for every ISP in Spain as well, AFAIK.

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@mbernabe @wolf480pl @thomas @phel @tdemin @carstenraddatz_fca I really appreciate all your feedback. I'm trying to get an idea of #Cloudflare's impact beyond Tor & apparently ppl in Russia, Serbia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Philippines, & India all must be getting CAPTCHA at an unbearable frequency due to #CGNAT, correct?

@carstenraddatz_fca @tdemin @phel @thomas @wolf480pl @mbernabe I can see how Cloudflare can get away with marginalizing a small group of Tor users, but I'm baffled that CF is able to marginalize all these users behind CGNAT. I wonder if the CF firewall only kicks in on a shared IP if someone in that group runs a bot.

@wolf480pl @resist1984 @mbernabe @thomas @tdemin @carstenraddatz_fca Me neither, I don't recall ever seeing a Cloudflare captcha, although most of my surfing happens behind GCNAT...

@phel @carstenraddatz_fca @tdemin @thomas @mbernabe @wolf480pl I've heard someone complain that they get #Cloudflare CAPTCHAs all over the place b/c of being behind CGNAT, so I assumed it was everyone. Perhaps it only happens if someone in your IP pool runs a bot on CF sites. It would be interesting to have some statistics on this.

@resist1984 @mbernabe @wolf480pl @thomas @phel @carstenraddatz_fca heavily depends on the ISP, with home ISPs — never, with mobile ISPs — rarely (MegaFon — sometimes, others — same as home)

@resist1984 Not really. I rarely get captchas and usually it's reCAPTCHA not CF's.

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