Kuhn: “It Matters Who Owns Your Copylefted Copyrights”

“[Companies working on GPL code] […] would prefer both Conservancy and FSF to curtail, or outright end, GPL enforcement.”

“[Copyleft] functions best when leaders of a project have the agency […] and collective consensus […] to protect their users' rights”

“FSF currently lacks sufficient capacity to follow up on any GPL violations on GCC and glibc that we've reported for years.”


After your last quote, Kuhn continues like this:

"That said, if I have to chose between the strict dichotomy of: (a) copyrights held by the FSF (which has the possibility of recovery in the future and restoration to an organization that actively enforces the GPL) vs. (b) copyrights held by companies — many of whom are known to oppose enforcement of the GPL, I would still pick the FSF."

The main point, I guess, is that the FSF works for the public good, while those companies do not.


@eliasr @civodul I'd say that the main point is that your employer should not own your copyrights if you are working in FLOSS. They can pay you for your time and they can pay you to produce anything (physical or otherwise) that they can retain and patent, but copyright over FLOSS should not be owned by companies.

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