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sometimes i wonder where do some devs find the time to have a full time job, a (demanding) side project, to have hobbies, to be with family and friends (some even have kids, wtf), and get some (decent) sleep.

"The 120days of *buntu" is a collection of 120 modified Ubuntu Operating Systems. Each version talks about a specific topic, with concepts familiar to the user; common settings and everyday experiences.

This next Sunday there are presidential election (1st round, at least) and half of my timeline asks to not vote and the other half is joking around some half-baked bots created by the current gov.

not sure what's worse.

in 2021 Johnny Mnemonic had (?) 80gb of storage (or 320 after the operation) in his brain.
today (2019) bought my 2nd 4tb hd. i mean, might not be as fancy but i get to keep my childhood memories *and* have ~1000 times the storage.

oh wait 

til' I do what I do hit you with that ddu du ddu du du

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Remember the bad old days of Linux?

- no sound unless you manually configured it and recompiled kernel
- xf86config could destroy your monitor if you made a poor choice
- your hardware was more likely to not work than be supported (got a winmodem? too bad for you. though even in the bad days, network hardware support was good)
- not a lot of software support. You were very fortunate to have Netscape 3 back then.

Despite all that (and more), I stuck with it.

@art i just found out you were /the guy/ who made the Pulp Fiction Chronological cut. Loved that edition 🤪

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