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which one is correct data or data? 

half joke, half serious.

why did 7b and 9b decided to buy a muzzle 

because 8 bytes

sliced a bit of my left thumb and i feel like i forgot how to type

@johannesg naps and better food checked. perhaps the fact that i haven't had a proper vacation in years has something to do? πŸ€”

@johannesg lately i've been going to a gym during the mornings (after stand up meeting) and working until 19 or so.
after that i don't have any energy left to keep working on a side project. that's the part i'd like to improve but not sure how to start, not sure if im burnt out or what.

sometimes i wonder where do some devs find the time to have a full time job, a (demanding) side project, to have hobbies, to be with family and friends (some even have kids, wtf), and get some (decent) sleep.

"The 120days of *buntu" is a collection of 120 modified Ubuntu Operating Systems. Each version talks about a specific topic, with concepts familiar to the user; common settings and everyday experiences.

This next Sunday there are presidential election (1st round, at least) and half of my timeline asks to not vote and the other half is joking around some half-baked bots created by the current gov.

not sure what's worse.

@v0idifier ugh. yeah. recently (?) got a bigger screen and i'm starting to re-dl most movies because older movies have this weird resolution (like 720x388). so that's another thing to keep in mind haha

@v0idifier i'd say choose accordingly to the screen where you'll watch it. in most cases (think laptops, 1366x768 or so) 720p is enough.
but then again, 6gb for a 720p rip, not worth it. so 550mb it is πŸ’…

@pinkprius given the current state of the country, i'd firmly say: No.


@thomasfuchs there's a kid from argentina that won 900k US$ in a fortnite tournament, and he had to "pay" about 30% to the local revenue service because taxes.
yet still, he hasn't shot anyone.

in 2021 Johnny Mnemonic had (?) 80gb of storage (or 320 after the operation) in his brain.
today (2019) bought my 2nd 4tb hd. i mean, might not be as fancy but i get to keep my childhood memories *and* have ~1000 times the storage.

@kelbot right. i agree with the optical mouse-thingy. ordered one (haven't received it yet) and was hoping the experience isn't that bad, and i guess i can always use an external mouse or the touchpad screen. but yeah, not ideal.
as for the rest, i think it's a pretty neat laptop, similar specs as the macbook 12" (not top-notch but good enough) but half the price.

@kelbot have you seen these? OneMix 3 Yoga

There are others like the GPD Pocket 2 Max or Chuwi Minibook

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