I really have to say this: Ubuntu 20.04 is really impressive. Slick, fast (boot 100x faster than Windows on the same hardware), extremely easy to use.

Configuration of $WORK VPN was something like 10 minutes, $WORK email was less than 2 minutes.

Also surprising, coming from MacOS, how Gnome 3 is nice and responsive. Gnome Maps is the type of nice little applet that is definitely on a par with the same offering from Apple.

While I have not looked "under the hood", I suspect systemd is definitely at work and accelerates the boot time. Here is hoping it won't crash on me (but it probably will, because systemd).

Surprising to see my ('Bonjour'-enabled) printer appear first thing, meaning I don't really need Mac OS anymore!

That was the Good, now here comes the Bad and the Ugly:

- While there are a lot of software in the Ubuntu Software, so many of these are packaged as Snaps.

I get the benefits of Snaps, but they are HUGE and SLOW to install compared to .deb packages."apt egt install" and you are done.

- Ubuntu also publishes very confusing guidelines about commercial software. Stuff that is BSD licensed is sometimes shown as proprietary. I kid you not.


@ParadeGrotesque Not sure about the Snap "universe", but usually Debian (and derivates) consider as "non-free" software those applications/libraries that depend on something non-free. And these applications can be found in the "contrib" branch of the repositories, that represents a mixture of free and non-free (then you have main which is 100% free software, and non-free).

Perhaps is this the case?

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