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@ajroach42 I admit it would be a lot of fun to have a tiny computer like this for running through my RSS feeds in emacs. I'd feel like a wizard every time I pulled it out haha.

@ajroach42 This is a very cute machine. The only thing preventing me from trying to snag one is that I'm just not sure what I'd use it for!

@Catsandcatsandcats Sorry, your backpack is a giant tea bag now I don't make the rules

People on masto posting twitter screenshots: why.

Looking forward to wrapping up this feature in my emacs mode so I can start writing the README


I've gotta zoom in to like 120% or higher on nearly every site I visit now. Text online is way too small.

Hello - I'd like to take some small steps in making the internet interesting and fun again.

Send me two of your favorite must-read RSS feeds! I am looking to fill up my reader with new things.

By the time I got started in computers, I had completely missed the popularity of newsgroups and mailing lists. Trying to figure out how to read them as well as post messages to them is quite confusing and strange. Maybe using gnus is half my problem right now.

@trurl I do enjoy baking, I should do that more than I've been doing lately. Recently did a sourdough loaf for the first time, and it actually turned out alright! Bread basket and everything.

Any remote workers have tips on segmenting the week from the weekend? It all feels very blended together staying home so much.

@publius I'm afraid to even set my phone on something that isn't 100% flat. It slides around that easily. Terrible.

Combine that with the old "I can't reach parts of the screen when using the phone with one hand without holding the phone in a very precarious way" thing and you're just setting your users up for expensive accidents.

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I know smartphones are ubiquitous now but I'm kind of in awe that they are still designed to slide right out of your hand or on whatever surface you put them on unless you buy an aftermarket case or a pop socket.

Seems like a poor design choice!

Whoops, I meant the second picture. Here is my new best friend:

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Here are some October flowers. Can you spot my bee friend in the first picture?

@polanco Also the media really is a tool of the class that runs the state. Noam Chomsky wrote about this in Manufacturing Consent. I see AI just as another tool in their toolbox. It's a digital extension of their continuous war on the non ruling class. Until the state actually works for us, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for laws protecting us from artifical intelligence that works to serve the status quo.

I am waiting for a sourdough loaf to proof on the counter. The first one I tried tuesday didn't work out 😅

@polanco It's bad enough that popular news media manufactures consent so easily - I think AI will make their control absolute.

@polanco I really am concerned about the future as AI undergoes commoditization. What is to stop a nefarious news outlet from just running a deep fake as fact? Could police create fake evidence with AI? What is to stop governments or special interest groups using bots to upvote or write supportive content astroturfing a position?

I have a feeling this will all start to happen with some alarming regularity. Hell people are already making deepfakes now for fun on youtube.

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