Going to re-watch THE PRISONER (1967). Probably some of the best / most fun / bonkers / interesting TV ever produced.

@ajroach42 It uses the Canon FD mount system for lenses, which was around for about 20 years and was fairly popular as I understand it. They have a lot of availability in the second hand market, which is nice.

@ajroach42 I've got a Canon AE-1 that is a pretty good machine. They aren't too expensive either! The camera takes a little 6V battery you can find online pretty easily. IIRC Energizer markets them as "photo batteries".

If you're interested, here is a manual: canonfd.org/manuals/ae-1.pdf

@falsifian Ah wow I haven't thought about OLPC in a long while! Looks like they can be had on ebay for relatively cheap.

More laptops need handles!

Looking for some sort of ~10 inch or in that ballpark

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Are there any laptops being manufactured these days with screens that work perfectly well outdoors?

Maybe with some sort of e-ink or something?

I wrote an article about using linux containers (LXC) for testing Ansible playbooks. I'm curious to see what strategies others are employing with their own.


I really need things to read. Send me your favorite RSS feeds! Boost this!!

Looking for linux, sysadmin/devops, programming, scripting, system design case study, bay area skepticism, human computer interaction, and adjacent topics.

If none of that fits exactly, send me whatever your favorite "must read" items are.

@moparisthebest At first I was looking I think for resource usage alerting - but it would appear digital ocean has monitoring + programmable alerts available to any of their droplets (as long as their telemetry whatever is installed). I should be able to use that for uptime / problem forecasting. I just need to get into my droplet and enable their telemetry.

Anyone know of open source self-hosted monitoring solution for apache? I need some basic operational monitoring for a website.

@korthrun Scripts / functions for managing sessions is definitely something I'll be exploring. I'll be needing to run several processes and watch their output for a certain work project and a quick script to spin up a tmux session with everything in separate panes would be cool.

Anyone have any tmux pro-tips for a new user?

@burek@linuxrocks.online I don't know if there's a specific term, but I'd describe the pages broadly as "single column" - there may be a nav at the top but the primary element is a single column centered in the viewport.

Most static site generators with theming support will have an index view of blog posts like this available "out of the box", for example this theme for the hugo static site generator: themes.gohugo.io/hugo-theme-ca

@crispr Hey! That's my friend Rob! I love when this video pops up.

Looking at pics of retro computers I see pop up on masto is fun, but dang they all look so uncomfortable to use.

This switch pro controller is honestly super nice. It's been working great with ubuntu over bluetooth as well :)))))))

Anyone have an e-reader recommendation?

e-ink, and the ability to work with linux is a must

If anyone out there is interested in the protocol I've started the beginnings of an emacs major mode for text/gemini. Very early days as of right now though. Watch this space.


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