If you shoot on film today (and especially if you're shooting black and white) what do you use?

I used to shoot mostly color reversal/slide film. I haven't done anything with film in something like 6 or 7 years.

I used to have a camera shop, I bought what the expert told me to buy.

I don't have a camera shop anymore, and now folks are going to expect me to be the expert.

Can you help me find some sane defaults?

Also looking for suggestions for vintage film cameras that use common batteries and have a decent aperture priority mode for the beginners.

Any tips there are also appreciated.

The k1000 was always my go to, but I think I have to use Zinc Air batteries to get one of those to work today? and even then, the light meter was never great, as I recall.

I usually carried an outboard light meter, and frankly I ended up winging it most of the time.

@ajroach42 I've got a Canon AE-1 that is a pretty good machine. They aren't too expensive either! The camera takes a little 6V battery you can find online pretty easily. IIRC Energizer markets them as "photo batteries".

If you're interested, here is a manual: canonfd.org/manuals/ae-1.pdf


@ajroach42 It uses the Canon FD mount system for lenses, which was around for about 20 years and was fairly popular as I understand it. They have a lot of availability in the second hand market, which is nice.

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