Anyone have any tmux pro-tips for a new user?

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@matty I like "the bar below". IMO it's worth the time to find a good layout/color scheme. Some folks even go as far as installing custom fonts and using emoji etc in the status bar.

I've found it very handy to bind the prefix key to "ctrl+a". It's a simple change, and if I end up on a system with screen instead of tmux, I don't have to retrain myself on the basic keystrokes.

Expand the history-limit unless memory is a serious issue for you. Being able to scroll back 10k+ lines is great.

@matty I work with servers in various time zones. So I like tossing a clock/date in the corner so that I have server time at a glance when I run tmux on a remote host.

I also like to define display-panes-active-colour and display-panes-colour to be different, so I can easily see which pane has focus.

@matty Lastly, you can get really creative with the status bar. The status bar can show the output of commands. A co-worker of mine keeps the company stock value showing on their status bar for example. I've seen weather and other "sys tray" type things used!

Last one I promise.

I found it super handy to make shell functions for creating/reattaching my common tmux sessions.

e.g. function "ra" reattaches argument "X", then alias "ram" calls "ra" with argument "misc" to attach my "misc" session.

@korthrun Scripts / functions for managing sessions is definitely something I'll be exploring. I'll be needing to run several processes and watch their output for a certain work project and a quick script to spin up a tmux session with everything in separate panes would be cool.

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