Any remote workers have tips on segmenting the week from the weekend? It all feels very blended together staying home so much.

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@matty personal time for productive but non-work activity on the weekend. I've been baking pies, that sort of thing.

@trurl I do enjoy baking, I should do that more than I've been doing lately. Recently did a sourdough loaf for the first time, and it actually turned out alright! Bread basket and everything.

@matty a home sourdough culture is the bridge I have not yet crossed. I do an overnight zero-knead bread recipe (as at for a sourdough-like experience. Used to do more involved recipes with an overnight ferment plus the usual multiple rises, but these days I'm too strapped for time.

Still sometimes do challah, though. Hard to say no to a good sweet bread, and it's easy to turn out two huge loaves that last a whole week.

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