Does anyone know what a thomasson is? Let me explain.

Wikipedia would describe a thomasson is a useless structure or relic that has been preserved as part of a building or environment that has become a sort of piece of art in itself. Examples would include some stairs that mysteriously go nowhere, a gate without a fence, an old now unused telephone pole standing free on its own, etc. On object that has the appearance of conceptual art even though they were not originally created to be such.

@matty the school I used to teach at had a repurposed building. Halfway down one hall was a door, the bottom of which was about four feet above the floor. Wish I Took a picture.


@BillPosaune That would fall under "The Elevated type" in the taxonomy.

"These objects are normal themselves, but exist in a higher than normal place, therefore seeming strange. For example, a door with a handle on the second floor of a wall."

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