Going to re-watch THE PRISONER (1967). Probably some of the best / most fun / bonkers / interesting TV ever produced.

Looking for some sort of ~10 inch or in that ballpark

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Are there any laptops being manufactured these days with screens that work perfectly well outdoors?

Maybe with some sort of e-ink or something?

I wrote an article about using linux containers (LXC) for testing Ansible playbooks. I'm curious to see what strategies others are employing with their own.


I really need things to read. Send me your favorite RSS feeds! Boost this!!

Looking for linux, sysadmin/devops, programming, scripting, system design case study, bay area skepticism, human computer interaction, and adjacent topics.

If none of that fits exactly, send me whatever your favorite "must read" items are.

Anyone know of open source self-hosted monitoring solution for apache? I need some basic operational monitoring for a website.

Anyone have any tmux pro-tips for a new user?

Looking at pics of retro computers I see pop up on masto is fun, but dang they all look so uncomfortable to use.

This switch pro controller is honestly super nice. It's been working great with ubuntu over bluetooth as well :)))))))

Anyone have an e-reader recommendation?

e-ink, and the ability to work with linux is a must

If anyone out there is interested in the protocol I've started the beginnings of an emacs major mode for text/gemini. Very early days as of right now though. Watch this space.


People on masto posting twitter screenshots: why.

Looking forward to wrapping up this feature in my emacs mode so I can start writing the README


I've gotta zoom in to like 120% or higher on nearly every site I visit now. Text online is way too small.

Hello - I'd like to take some small steps in making the internet interesting and fun again.

Send me two of your favorite must-read RSS feeds! I am looking to fill up my reader with new things.

By the time I got started in computers, I had completely missed the popularity of newsgroups and mailing lists. Trying to figure out how to read them as well as post messages to them is quite confusing and strange. Maybe using gnus is half my problem right now.

Any remote workers have tips on segmenting the week from the weekend? It all feels very blended together staying home so much.

Combine that with the old "I can't reach parts of the screen when using the phone with one hand without holding the phone in a very precarious way" thing and you're just setting your users up for expensive accidents.

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I know smartphones are ubiquitous now but I'm kind of in awe that they are still designed to slide right out of your hand or on whatever surface you put them on unless you buy an aftermarket case or a pop socket.

Seems like a poor design choice!

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