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1/4: In the absence of any source code for the tracing app, I decided to pull the TraceTogether code and start looking.

" … uses machine-learning to detect nudity" states: "we encrypt all … content at the [sender], and do not decrypt it … before it reaches the receiving clients."
How can both of these be true?
More: blog.cryptographyengineering.c

I've just used the "move to another device" feature in to migrate my Myki from my Pixel XL to my Pixel 4, and it's not appearing as an option to import into the new phone (but is gone from the old). What do I do? :/

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Wait... how can Covid-19 contact tracing apps (like and protect our health AND privacy?

Well! Here's a one-page comic explainer! 👇

(condensed version of . cc0/public domain, re-post freely!)

Me, a complete moron: Let's use facts and clear language to convince people to follow social distancing best practices

This person, a genius: What if we used low-key body horror?

I am questioning my life decisions as I download 8.1GB of Xcode just so I can edit a .plist file.
How did I get to this point. :/

Can you get takeaway coffee with a friend? Take the dog for a walk? We've been receiving a lot of questions about what is & isn't allowed in Victoria. Read the break down of the state-by-state current rules & restrictions.

How can we weigh up collective safety and private liberties? ⚖️
Is defaulting to open on virus-mapping technology all it will take for the government to ensure transparency and clarity for all Australians?

A great article by

Everyone needs to do their part

They did. The crazy bastard actually did it!

Anyone else hear change in Bluetooth headphone sound (more hissing/background noise, louder output) when the built-in headphone mic is active? Happens on my Bose QC35s & Sony WI-C200s when connected to either Mac or Pixel XL.
Initially thought bandwidth issue, but doesn't fit.

RT @threadreaderapp Saluti, you can read it here: Thread by I know the majority of Victorians are doing the right thing by staying home – but we're… Enjoy :) 🤖

I know the majority of Victorians are doing the right thing by staying home – but we're still seeing groups of people meeting up and carrying on as normal.

This cannot continue.

So from 11.59pm tonight, Victoria will introduce Stage 3 restrictions.

This piece acknowledges some millennials are born in 1980 so are 40 this year then talks about them like they’re young students. 🤦🏼‍♂️

🤔🤔🤔 this AHPPC statement that's been removed from the site has been cached (see LRT).

statement says almost 50% Community Transmission in Australia...

Are you on WhatsApp?

Message +61 400 253 787 or go to in your web browser to get information you can trust from the official Australian Government chatbot.

Whatsapp is available from the Apple Store or Google Play.

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