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Maths class 2020:

“If Jimmy was a hairdresser and wanted to marry a personal trainer in an open air food court, how many people can attend the ceremony?”

This is an excellent thread.
landlords are the only investors I've encountered who expect their investment revenue to remain constant & level no matter what the market forces are

Statement on Victoria's response to Coronavirus

Oh dear. Well I’m glad the nation’s top comms people have crafted this, because imagine how bad it would’ve been otherwise.

A nice example of how we infer object position from what we presume to be a cast shadow

If only we could make use of IPv6 multicast to reduce bandwidth for stuff like this (a la
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So far so good in creating scripts to automatically spin up a Riot+Matrix chat server. Now, on to Peertube. All sharing a database instance... using docker-compose and some shell scripting. The network bandwidth requirement is still a killer. Need around 30-40MBps…

100% this. It's fucking disgusting.


cleans like Gaston
quarantines like Gaston
no one stops spreading COVID-19 like Gaston

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Update: Access to social media has been restored in as of Monday morning; network data confirm targeted restrictions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were in place throughout election day; incident duration 36 hours 📈


me, always looking for the lie: there’s no way that’s the real Spanish Army. no way. that cannot possibly be the uniform. I’m gonna debunk this in thirty se—

<touches earpiece>

I’m being told this is not, in fact, the Spanish Army uniform

it is the ELITE Spanish Army uniform,

Seriously, I'm on the verge of deleting the app or at the very least disabling notifications. Please investigate why I'm being notified of the same person three times in under an hour?

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So... somebody came down my driveway and stole a fitting from the garden tap out front of my house recently.
Who does that? 😠

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Bullshit. Roberts is lying and should be relieved of his position. People crammed onto MyGov looking for details of how to apply for payments. People telling falsehoods in a time of emergency should not be in positions of authority

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I have a PhD in biology. I have taught infection modelling to undergrads. I am completely unqualified to make any sort of pronouncements on this virus other than "Listen to people who are much more qualified than me", which certainly doesn't include random tech workers on Medium.

icymi last week I wrote up some thoughts on how to WFH, since WFH is bad at the best of times, and you haven't been able to set up properly for this before:

Hey all

If your company (or someone you know) needs some help on first steps to a devops culture, building out cloud tooling, or migrating some services into AWS or the Catalyst Cloud

Please reach out - this is my area of expertise, and I can definitely help out.

Please RT 🙂

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Once again, this is not a working mask, this is a scam to take advantage of the current crises and sell magic unicorn filament. Multiple people have verified that the printed mask is a completely non-functional prop. It's wasting community resources and sucking up bandwidth.

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