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full credit to who introduced our team to these filters by showing up to an all-hands hangout AS A TALKING SOCKPUPPET 🤣

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Can I ask a real question?

Why is it that individuals are expected to save 3 months expenses + an emergency fund to survive loss of income but giant businesses can’t seem to survive this without billions from the government? 🤔

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PLEASE let this moment radicalize you. Know that there are a handful of billionaires that could make sure people don't need to go to work. The government could put a moratorium on rent, mortgages, student loans. We could nationalize utilities. Capitalism prevents all of this.

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The PERFECT demo for kids as to why soap is SO IMPORTANT and EFFECTIVE from an elementary school teacher, SOUND ON: (h/t u/beep_boop_doot)

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The PERFECT demo for kids as to why soap is SO IMPORTANT and EFFECTIVE from an elementary school teacher, SOUND ON: (h/t u/beep_boop_doot)

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It is with great sadness that we share information from Peter Tonoli's family about his passing. As Vice Chair of EFA, and a champion of digital rights for decades this loss will be felt by many.

Our love & thoughts to his family & friends.

Tonight I saw's "Conversations With Men," and it was excellent to see all the speakers share vulnerable stories from their lives. I'd like to give particular shout-outs to John Kachoyan, @nevozisin, , and for …

Zoom privacy PSA: This is a new affordance for many and so your expectations about what is private and what is public in general may be off. But in particular:

The host of a Zoom that is recorded gets a transcript of all messages, *including* private ones.

This is creepy, especially the fact that in some cases it can be made mandatory by a Zoom meeting host.
Asking for a "friend," does anyone know if on a Zoom call whether the host can tell if you've navigated to another window - i.e., multi-tasking? I've heard of teachers threatening students with this capability.

Well it looks at least part of my problem is that many AAAA DNS queries I'm sending are getting no results back, so I assume it's waiting for that timeout before falling back to A records and using IPv4.
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People who use IPv6 at home: Since enabling IPv6 on my @Aussie_BB NetComm NF18ACV, I've noticed some services, like @instagram, are very slow on my phone (Mac seems fine). Wonder if some big servi…

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How I, A Sex Worker, Am Handling COVID19 - a thread!

I wanted to address this because clients are *blowing me up* about it - so here we go!

As SWs, we are *already* vigilant about our intimate work and keeping transmission risks to a minimum. Here are some steps many of us take

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Hey my car has been stolen. This is it. She’s a 1972 LJ Torana in purple. Queensland plates. Last seen right here at Lygon and Victoria in Brunswick east.

I'm shopping for new banks. I have online accounts (personal or access to various not-for-profits) for,, and, and was looking at Why do so many banks have insecure password policies, SOMETIMES with 2FA, usually SMS-based!?
It's ridiculous!

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Dear all, thanks for your support but I'm not really the injured party here. My data wasn't in the 10% MBS-PBS sample (I checked). The real harm is to the 2.5mil Australians who need to be notified that their identifiable records were published in 2016.

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I can't believe is still saying "The dataset does not contain the personal information of patients."
We have shown many of the patients' records can be easily and confidently identified from a few points of medical or childbirth info.

I couldn't have said this better myself; thanks for articulating my own anger and despair,, thank you for all your work; I'm sorry it's come to this. This is so fucked.
Oh it is fucking *on* Dept of Health. How very dare you! Dr Teague is one of the nicest, people I've ever met and she was trying to *h…

Trying to out-do the UK, I see.
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An Australian parliamentary inquiry into online age verification has recommended the government use face scans or official ID to confirm users' ages online before they can access porn

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