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For all the trends and cliches we use in talk or blog post titles that folks gripe about, THIS is one that *actually* deserves our criticism.

Make X Y Again is not cute, it is traumatizing.

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In med school, I took an elective called "Stress", foolishly thinking I was going to learn about meditation and yoga. Instead the professor spent 6 weeks proving that being poor or a minority literally destroys your health on a molecular level, and I think about that every day.

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If I come out and say “Hey, I’m autistic,” people often don’t know how to respond to that/probably will say the wrong thing - often something invalidating/dismissive.

When I tell people I'm queer nobody says “No you’re not” or “I don’t believe you” or “I couldn’t tell.”

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Speaking as someone who had one inserted two days ago, that gyno can fuck all the way off.

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To stop the spread of misinformation:
- don’t amplify the conspiracy
- stop negating the theory (“this doesn’t cause that!!”), you only strengthen the linguistic association
- people who believe conspiracy theories have genuinely held fears, reassure them rather than mock them

I've been unemployed for months trying to find energy & strategies to address *some* of the many activist causes *I* believe in without the distraction of a job I'm not passionate about, and it's *hard* work.

I have *so* much respect for my fellow activists. I see you. ❤️

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All this to say, activists need more support (e.g
universal basic income would be great), so we need to do so in any way we feel capable (but if you don't feel capable right now, that's also totally valid); they have our best interests in mind.

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…who put in so much effort to protect civil liberties etc. It often feels like a thankless job, but they keep doing it anyway, even when it's hard to know where to go or what to do next. That said, we need to do what we can to give them down-time to rest when it gets too much.

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I have huge respect for folks/orgs like @peter_tonoli, @ok_lyndsey
@jpwarren, @ms_mary_mac, @VTeagueAus, @SueletteD, @Asher_Wolf, @MsLods, @Lizzie_OShea, @attacus_au @Scottludlam, @KathyReid, …
@efa_oz, @DRWaus, @linuxaustralia, and many others…
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If you read this, please reach out to @efa_oz @apf_oz @BPFreeSpeech and @auda @ok_lyndsey @jpwarren @ms_mary_mac @katinamichael @z3ndrag0n @VTeagueAU @chrisculnane @Suel…

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I don't spend anywhere near as much time as some people I know (many of whom are good friends), and even I often feel exhausted and overwhelmed (and, just occasionally, alone and hopeless) at the sheer enormity of the changes I'm trying to effect.

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This means finding a living wage elsewhere (often in a workplace that may not align as well with your values, and which may not be adequately supportive of healthy work practices), and putting in *extra* effort outside hours to perform activism.

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CN: Suicide in quoted thread.

I often think of the personal tolls of activism. Many activist causes are hard to earn a living contributing to (partly the nature of activism), and it can be hard finding people who appreciate and help contribute to your cause(s).

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A thread on the death of @peter_tonoli:

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It's ready! 💥

yubikey-agent is a seamless ssh-agent for YubiKeys. 🔒 Written in Go, it takes one command to set up, and never needs restarting. ✨

I for one welcome our fishy overlords.
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THE FISH???? IS DRIVING THE CART?????? i love science

I want this
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Concept: a friend office.

Get group of friends who all have remote jobs. Move somewhere nice and inexpensive.

Rent a cheap, convenient office space together. Work at different companies but together.

Perks of social interaction, hanging with friends, but cheaper!

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Just a reminder-

I got into sex work, because I had a sick baby who needed his (asthma) nebulizer treatments on a daily basis.

If I couldn’t bring enough money to the pharmacist on a daily basis, they would take the renter nebulizer back, and my baby would die.

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