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iOS 13.5 for iPhone now has COVID-19 Exposure Notification API functionality built in. Interestingly, iPadOS 13.5 doesn’t seem to have it.

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happy birthday to Allie Brosh, who hasn't been online for years, but who has probably contributed more to internet parlance than any other living person

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Gig economy delivery apps claim that they're operating "two-sided markets," connecting delivery people with restaurants. Actually, they're useless, overcapitalized, predatory, money-haemorrhaging parasites.


Also, it'd be great if in future, you attached a web link to this screenshot of a wall of text that is inaccessible to people who need screen readers, @DanielAndrewsMP

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Statement from the Premier:

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Q: When I was 4, my sister was 2. I am now 44. How old is my sister?

Programmer: 44 - (4 - 2) = 42


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So @Senator_Patrick asked DTA last week for the data from tests they conducted on the app, directly. He got this in response.

Not test data.

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Some businesses are now offering discounts if you show them you have the CovidSafe app. Doesn’t this go against some coercion law?

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One of the ways we are able to make the Kat Muscat Fellowship possible is from Kat's wonderful work 🌹DEFIANCE FEMINISM EMPATHY🌹. This collection of Kat's works previously published in @ArcherMagazine, @kyd_magazine & @VoiceworksMag is available here: expressmedia.org.au/product/de

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I've been using NoScript, a browser extension that disables all JavaScript and lets you enable them on a server-by-server basis. Let me tell you about what I've learned and how broken the internet experience has been since doing this a few weeks ago.


CN: Suicide in quoted thread.

I often think of the personal tolls of activism. Many activist causes are hard to earn a living contributing to (partly the nature of activism), and it can be hard finding people who appreciate and help contribute to your cause(s).

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A thread on the death of @peter_tonoli:

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It's ready! 💥 github.com/FiloSottile/yubikey

yubikey-agent is a seamless ssh-agent for YubiKeys. 🔒 Written in Go, it takes one command to set up, and never needs restarting. ✨

I for one welcome our fishy overlords.
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THE FISH???? IS DRIVING THE CART?????? i love science

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I used voice clips from my loved ones who live far away to draw their portraits

The gaps are due to my own auditory processing difficulties, trouble communicating over messages and phone calls, and also how flattened and limited it feels to communicate exclusively electronically

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I will let out a bit of a secret.

I have been running a full IBM System/370 Mainframe on a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero for ~5 years.

About 7 times faster System/370.

Millions of lines of COBOL JCLs running flawless on a battery.

Tested an entire bank’s mainframe COBOL on it.

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That feeling when you finally figured the fix to a bug. 😂

My first sourdough! Thanks, @alexbayleaf@twitter.com!
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if you've been thinking of #@alexbayleaf@twitter.comown bread at home during These Difficult Times, and are interested in , here's a thread on how to get started, and some tips and tricks i've learned over the last ~decade of wrangling sourdough.

This email was in my spam folder. Nice of the sender to flag it themselves, though!

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