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Took a break from my pentagonal explorations earlier today to fold this seven-pointed star by Arnold Tubis. It was quite an adventure. Considering I had never turned a square of paper into a heptagon before, and I was working from a diagram 😬 , it didn't turn out too bad for the first time.

I always have trouble getting a hexagon cut accurately without a template, but folding to shape a pentagon works well for me. The heptagon too, though it takes some squinting.

Penagonal progress - It isn't the original Lost Star, but I like it and can fold it consistently.

One of the guys does a credible distress call. We can hear the penguins on the other side of the wall responding.

Suddenly one of them rushes into the room from the door on the other side. It is very agitated.

Then there were the turtle dream and the horrid old car and more goddamn details than a person should have to deal with in waking life.

How the heck am I spozed to sleep with all that going on? 😩

The music in my head is maddening, whether it's the archetypical German folk song variations or something sublime. Either I want to make it stop, or I wish I could download it somehow without dealing with tedious software interaction.
🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯

After folding every precut pentagon in the house, I still haven't re-created the Lost Star Bowl, but I have something similar. It might even be better. And other interesting oridoodles turned up.

I want to do more, but I need a bath and an overdue haircut. Hair is at least half an inch long and it feels like it's inhabited. 😬

Viewing at the source of a fairly simple-looking webpage makes me think about word processors versus text editors. The code to content ratio . . . oy. 🤣

Funny how all efforts to idiot-proof the Web always further idiocy.

Not enough people seem to be on about how it's Talk Like A Pirate Day.

I will make a Pirate Joke™:

Q: What language do Pirates like to program in?
A: You might thing it's R, but a Pirate's first love is the C.

Boost this shit.

Brief explanatory note:

It is entirely possible to to ignore flippant, off-hand remarks and not go postal on the poster.

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Death, motor vehicles 

Drive a vehicle built like a tank because everyone has to defend themselves from next person in a similarly-sized vehicle, you end up with vehicles with the same visibility problems as tanks, and stuff like this happens, sadly.

Going to have to change my website's theme base, I guess. The current one hit the PHP ceiling and splattered its brains all over.

Amusement, anyone? I've started putting my small literary deoolings on my own website. After a few awkward PHP update moments . . . 🤣

Raven Laughs: Tales of The People

"Cold!" is a must-read for all you guys. 🤪

A bad night and a short mornig sleep.

Great way to start the day late 😬

To Peter Petrila: whoever you are, must be, have become: I love you.

I am watching Forrest Gump because 1. I promised somebody I would and 2. It was on my todo list nyway.

I'm glad it's finally happening.

Wondering if what is obvious to me is what he (somebody) meant, or if it matters at all. And if . . . mmm, let's not go full metal rant here.

I identify strongly with Forrest. Being slightly autistic, with a high IQ, is similar to having a "low" IQ with stongly logical processes. I understand (grok) the loyalty and the alienation.

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