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of the day.

I thought wy not try that blintz and spread-squash flower fold on a pentagon. So I took a short origami break yesterday.


Folded the multi-colored one today 'cause I was not too sleepy to find the duo precuts. 🤣

So simple, but I've never seen one like it.

One of my biggest problems in Libre Office was solved instatly when I realized that a certain group of infinitesimally small, undecipherable eye-cons had what I needed. Just have to know it's there and hover. 🙄

The hardest thing about following instructions is trying to figure out the implied meanings.

I mean the elliptically expressed sketches of your assumptions, aholes.

As a non-verbal thinker, I have had to study verbal communication in depth. Language is a superpower that we all share. Try to use it with elegance and respect.

My current favorite Odd Couple food pairing: plain wholemilk yogurt and spicy kimchee 😋

oh my giddy aunt

CxFileExplorer is GOD

Sometimes the simple solutions are the hardest to see.

I love software that lovesmto do what I need done.

could live without, but I really need to change the goddan pink wallpaper

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Wow, file transfer with an Android VM is sumpin else. 🙄 😬 🤬 Installing an ssh server . . . .

I hereby blacklist and totally dis for lack of usability and having no means of contact so that I can bitch at them about their godawful site.

Had to paste the URL into a different browser to find out that the page contained NOTHING useful. Assholes.


Maybe this is why I can't see anything on the stupid page.

Combine shitbloatcode with browser discrimination and insensitivity to users' needs . . . . 🤬

This is one reason I'm forced to maintain a large stable of browsers.

🙄 I swear I don't have an attention disorder - what was I going to say?

It's SimpleScreenRecorder -- ugh, this is why I keep a lot f cli boilerplate around and prefer to copy/paste passwords and email addies.

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Ever try to get a screenshot of a dropdown? 🤣 The little buggers scarper away faster than a scalded cockroach. I thought this was too cool to miss, so I used SimpleScreenCapture to make a video and then MPV kindly gave me a still to crop and share.

This is what happens whem a Mad Origamist hangs out with a friend

Playing musical email accounts furiously. TG I can usually find one for backup in this whack-amole-like game of ohshitblocked.

When you sign up for a new acct and weirdshit happens at the end and you can't sign in 😬 And the old ones are itchy from disuse.

If I could set up a client with multiple accounts, upkeep would be easier, but these are accounts that mostly can't be connected . . . yanno, because of why they exist.

A wise young astrologer once told me that I was like a flywheel - hard to get started, and hard to stop. I call it "Controlled Obsession Mode" 🤣

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