Graphic Design for the Electronic Age
by Jan V. White
pub. 1988

Which 99% of webdesigners don't seem to have read

There is something that most people don't know about text formatting. Line length and font size affects how it looks. Zooming size up in a browser or other reader, assuming that the lines wrap, makes lines shorter and spaces wider.

So, justified text that looks fine to your fucking 20/20 vision may be a ragged broken mess to anyone who needs it a little bigger.

Please, please, puleeeease if you are setting up any kind of web form, make it CLEAR to OTHER PEOPLE what they are expecteded to type in.

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Honestly, guys, when you are designing an interface, you COULD have some consideration for users! 🤬 Like, if the toolbar is going to be wider than most screens because of the default oversize eye-cons, you could either:
1.Put useful shit like optios/prefs up front, or:
2. Make the goddamn end dropdown VISIBLE. Fuckin no contrast bullshit is bullshit.

Short story: Don't waste so much time designing for trendy looks and thereby wasting MY time.

Thank you. 😜

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I installed an add-on called "Secret Agent" in one of my Pale Moon profiles. Then I saw its button occupying one end of its own private toolbar. Fat-ass thing taking up a tenth of my damn windowspace!


Bad enough that so many webshites have nav menus that expand to cover half the fokkin page when I zoom text up to readable.

🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬

WHY in the Name of Bob do people think that a FUCKING SIX-PIXEL FONT is anything remotely near acceptable under any circumstances?

BTW,, your website sucks seen with my eyes in my browser.

Having to click "stop script" is getting very old. Will have to bitch at weather site about it.

Thank you, Mastodon, for never insulting or crashing my chosen browser.

Thje problem here is NOT that my browser is incapable or that I don't have the right codecs installed or whatever.

The problem is browser discrimination, a kind of digital racism. The website is simply refusing to serve browsers that don't have the "right" fingerprint.

I know this because I use multiple browser profiles. The SAME BROWSER, with slightly different settings, is allowed to play the video.

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Big fat D- for -- bad code, content goes out the side of the window when font size is zoomed up. Either you can't read it or you can't read it.

THIS is what I get now if I have "Zoom text only" enabled in Firefox!!! The goddamn UI is designed for a usability-disabled browser!!!

I can't read my mail without the text-only zoom, and I can't read my texts with it. This is so idiotic there are no words for it that won't get people mad at me for using.

This is how badly the fucktarded Google Voice interface breaks in their wonderfuckingful Chrome bow-wowser when I try to use usable font settings.

I'm switching to Firefox for gmail and voice, because I can make it halfway decent.


Old sump pump float switch is kaput. So I went shopping. Ordered an electronic switch from partly on the basis of their excellent website and up-front info.

Make me happy with your website, and you'll get my business.

I like hunting inspirational recipes on Cookpad, but their insistence on downloading their app is annoying. I have told them so. Why discriminate against visually impaired people who don't want to be tortured with a tiny screen?

The Kroger / Pick-n-Save websites are the worst I've ever experienced. I don't know what browser they are compatable with. Nothing I use, at any rate.

When Tadych's Econofoods updated their site last year, it was also a Bad Thing, but they re-did it and it's a snap to dl their weekly flyer. Which has always been a thousand times more readable and usable anyway.

Guess which store I always shop at (when the snow lets me out).

I also took care of a couple of small matters regarding my site. While I was at it, I dropped a few words about my webhost's site's lack of contrast 🤣 gets a flying F- for webdesign. 0 in two browsers.

Son of a BITCH. I just learned about Digital Mappa, and was all gung-ho until I read that editing can only be done in rotstinking CHROME!!!!

Godsbefeathered, why are people so stupid!

Why the FUCK is crappy Chrome/Chromium bundled with every new OS? It doesn't allow zooming text separate from images HATEFUL to anyone with impaired vision; forces all actions to go thhrough a single menu HORRIBLE for unsteady hands -- in other words it's designed for the Perfect Default User.

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