Penagonal progress - It isn't the original Lost Star, but I like it and can fold it consistently.

Sho nuff, it makes a dandy Lucky Star too. I'll have to cut some strips on purpose.

It is officially Samantha's Star - named for my niece who likes red and black 😜

of the day.

I thought wy not try that blintz and spread-squash flower fold on a pentagon. So I took a short origami break yesterday.


Folded the multi-colored one today 'cause I was not too sleepy to find the duo precuts. 🤣

So simple, but I've never seen one like it.

The six sixpacks is a Thing. Now I can fold sopmething else for a while.

And then there's this deliciously simlpe fold thatcan be a dish or a table . . . .

A semi-successful test of a process for reproducing the surface of an origami model in something solider. Michal Kosmulski is interested in making casts of his amazing tesselations. I suggested the use of mold wax, and thought I might as well try it myself.

Blintzed bellflower variation - a little exciting 😃

The dragons are sleeping - it's too hot to fight.

Tour-de-force, more or less. Arrowhead Bowl folded from pearlescent black paper.

Mmmm 😋

I let me fold the extra good stuff when my hands are super-clean from dishwashing 😜

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