I was able to open it with Double Commander and get the files I wanted, but srsly wtf.

Are Flower and Voldemort no longer frenz? 😢

An endangered tradition - drying extra sweet corn to preserve it for winter use.

My grandmother and mother would spread the cutoff cooked corn to dry in any warm, airy place. I cheat and use a dehydrator, but I have to because my house is dire humid.

Rehydrated, boiled, and buttered, it's a treat. Handy to chuck into soups too.

I'm having a hard time finding a place to hang this thing. It's too long for any spot that offers ready support wher it won't be literally in my face. For now, it's dangling from a clothesline on my supermessy front porch.

The young Hmobg lady who waited on me told me that this was the "lucky one". Happens it's the one I most fancied. 😏 Her mother paints masterpieces on stones.

My niece's laptop fixup paid for it. Easy come . . . .



Another successful raid on the farmers' market.

The late corn is the awesomest. Also got a shipload of assorted HOT peppers, tomatillos, cipolini onions, and a piece of fun art that I will have to show off later.

I keep running across my old Dremel electric engraver. Never liked using it on metal, but it occurred to me that it might be interesting to try it on soft stone. Should have thought of that a loooong time ago!

My main potato crop

Really not too bad, for planting sorry little seed spuds late, in a pot

Oddly, the phone number seems to bea land line.

Pretty dorky phish attempt, sending a Geek Squad "invoice" to the original Granny Squad.

Took a break from my pentagonal explorations earlier today to fold this seven-pointed star by Arnold Tubis. It was quite an adventure. Considering I had never turned a square of paper into a heptagon before, and I was working from a diagram 😬 , it didn't turn out too bad for the first time.

I always have trouble getting a hexagon cut accurately without a template, but folding to shape a pentagon works well for me. The heptagon too, though it takes some squinting.

Penagonal progress - It isn't the original Lost Star, but I like it and can fold it consistently.

After folding every precut pentagon in the house, I still haven't re-created the Lost Star Bowl, but I have something similar. It might even be better. And other interesting oridoodles turned up.

I want to do more, but I need a bath and an overdue haircut. Hair is at least half an inch long and it feels like it's inhabited. 😬

🦋 I missed a notable event today. By the time I got my lackadaisical ass outside, the Royal Child was ready to fly. 👐

"See ya in Texas," it called back as it vanished into the blurry distance.

So, no Monarch hatching video, no amazing close-up portraits. Just an empty chysalis and a memory of passing beauty.

And the satisfaction of having successfully raised at least one big, healthy butterfly. 😏

I couldn't say what smells better than harvesting lavender seeds.

Getting closer to how the world looks through my eyes. Needs more blotches and some weirder shit.

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