Shopping around on a site I like, I find that something has changed. I can't zoom up text! Everything is virtually unreadable.

Oh, there's an accessibility eye-con!

It pops out a little screen with HUGE text. I ctrl-scroll it down to a readable size. 🙄

There are a gazillion options. It takes a second round with the bugger to find a font-sze slider. Which doesn't seem to do anything . . . but aha! now I can zoom up the page.

Which I SHOULD have been able to do without all that monkeywork. 🤬

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I just emailed the site owner about this. He's a really nice guy. I hope I don't hurt his feelings.

Now I need to compose a fresh screed to fling at - all about their poorly designed system, their own annoying site, etc.

I don't think much of an "accessibility" feature that steals focus and requires the user to work for five minutes to attain a simple, essential feature that has been available since the days of simple HTML. If they can't give options without taking them away first!

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