150 million workers and workers in India are taking part in a two-day general strike, which is probably the biggest general strike in history.

hmmmm. you oppose communism and yet you play tetris on your mobile phone. how ironic

there are only three people online right now and all of them are boosting my toots. epic.

Rent, loans 

I am a bit stuck on how fucked up the idea of rent is.

The rent on an apartment is generally more than the monthly cost of a loan to buy that same apartment, but a bank won't give you a loan to buy the apartment you live in unless you have money. So people who have the least money have to pay the most for housing without permanent benefit.

There are some nuances to it, like the cost and responsibility of repairs, but that doesn't change the general idea.


I’m so impressed with all the people noticing the white supremacist hand signals by Kavanaugh’s clerk who have somehow not noticed the entire history of this country being one of ensuring white supremacy.

rant on wilw, transphobia 

if you think it’s cool that Eugen is saying it’s bad that wilw got ran off here bc “he didn’t do anything wrong on mastodon”, ask yourself if he’d say the same if a known white supremacist joined + didn’t explicitly say anything racist on here. as a cis dude he’s totally unwilling to acknowledge transphobia as a deadly system of oppression, but rather reduces it to petty interpersonal twitter drama.

THEM: isn't Trump crazy? he yells on twitter all day and is a jerk lol everything is so weird and crazy
ME: *remembering that time a POTUS had to testify under oath about a blowjob, a cum stained dress and a cigar stuffed into a pussy and smoked* uhh yeah, shit's cray cray

why would i want to listen to notorious mexican drug lord el chapo? sure the trap music bit sounds ok but im not sure if they should be letting this guy do a podcast in the first place

THE cruelest bench in all of Portland resides at N. Willamette & Alma

note: the SLANT to the seat as well as the bars


boost if the golden girls were a coven and you would join them if asked

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