Intersting article, and it made me realize that the mental concept I have of "SJW drama" happens in an eerily similar pattern to gentrification - overemphasizing friendliness - thereby driving a Dunning-Kruger effect?

Turns out I never took that second exit in Forest Ghost House, and therefore only collected 95 exits. I'm half through the game again already, so I don't get bored...

@hackernews Could an economist tell me what else I'm supposed to do with my life as long as I have neither the money nor the confidence to start my own business?

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@mar77i if you haven't already, check out

I tried it briefly a few months ago. Looked interesting. I'll probably try it again this week. I don't really like most of the desktop apps I've tried.

@saba that would be really nice if there was a sane client for the command line. Sadly I've heard enough bad things about libpurple.

@JK008 Sorry, I'm still typing the IP headers for the API call for that boost... 🤣

@istoric That's weird. Shellscript takes me much more brain grease than the former. I guess I could write many things in either, though.

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