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@Jdogg247 The Danish are also famously Elk Supremacists, which should illustrate recent goings-on in Portland, OR

@blitzed "You can't have any pudding, if you don't eat your meat!"

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One of my favorite copypastas. The "Swamps of Dagobah" story. In the light of this story, drinking isopropyl alcohol doesn't seem kinda that crazy.

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As an Elk Supremacist, now I'm really angry.

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Something about this guy inspires me more than anything I've ever heard by anyone any closer to the political left.

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@blitzed I can't wait to see her, AOC and the Zodiac Killer team up to get shit done.

@Professional_Judy Arguing from principle:
- Twitter is better than apple
- Porn is fine when the alternative involves kids
- Reddit started as a free-speech committed platform for people to share things they're into before it broke apart from being infected by ideology and brigading..
- Last but not least, it would almost appear to me as if this Karen started out as a Judy....

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@publicvoit Wer einen Extremismus annehmen kann und einen anderen ablehnt, ist Extremist, und wahrscheinlich unmoralisch.

Wer jegliche Art von Extremismus akzeptiert ist der Schlimmste der Schlimmen, denn die einzige Moral ist dass "der Zweck die Mittel heiligt"....

If you accept one kind of extremism but not another, you're an extremist and probably an immoral person.

If you accept any kind of extramism, then you're the worst of the worst. Your only moral is "The ends justify the means"

If you support free market capitalism, then maybe, just maybe, we can have a conversation about what kind of culture we want to have and how we can foster wealth mobility.

@blitzed If that's the fatherhood you're capable of, maybe you shouldn't have kids.

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