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Here are some more or less youtube videos that keep me dreaming:
- (farmbot -- an automated farming bot)
- the whole tiny house rabbit hole
- the earthship rabbit hole
- (this guy has managed to forage and harvest 100% of his own feed)

It's weird because I could do some of these things. My grandfather used to own some land - he was a farmer. I have skills that would allow me to work remotely. The problem would be the internet connection though. Realistically, you need quite a speedy internet connection to work remotely, unless your work is asynchronous.
I'm still thinking about a solution to that problem. Also, I'm still studying to be more easily hireable to work remotely. 5/?

The other room should be some kind of small office, for when I need some dedicated space.
Quite frankly, I can skip the elevated floor, though, it's not essential.
My ideal daily routine would be to wake up as soon as the sun raises, do the country work (remember: just enough to provide food to sustain my self), take care of the chicken(s), and set a slow cooker. At 8/9 am go back inside and start my day job, take a break for lunk, and then keep working unitl 4-5 pm.
Then, relax :D 4/?

I don't need a very big house, but it should have an underground room for storing pickles and things like that. The ground-level room would host the kitchen, a dining table and a day area with a basic sofa and a coffee table. Bookshelves should occupy all the remaining space.
Then above that there should be the bedroom and and another room. The bedroom should be fairly simple, with a comfy bed and storage for various sheets and stuff. 3/?

I would like to harvest my own food, and consume very little meat. I would like to have one or two freely roaming, well treated chickens that give me eggs every day, and use that as protein source. I would like to automate most of my harvesting, and produce biogas for cooking. The very little electronic I would have would be powered via solar panels on the roof of my very small house. 2/?

I don't usually talk about my daydreams, but today I want to do it.
My biggest and most recurring daydream is to retreat in the country, live a solarpunk life and work remotely, ideally writing code and/or managing cloud infrastructures.
Ideally I would like to have a big enough monitor (24", 1920x1200 at least) and a cheap laptop. Ideally all of my work data should be stored in the cloud itself.
I would also have a bigger private laptop, for my own stuff. 1/?

I'm starting to think that kubernetes is a big ripoff.

I'm trying for monitoring and they set me up with the 80€/month plan by default, and there's no way to change to the 12€/month plan. That's literally the definition of scam. I guess I'll wait for the trial period to nearly expire and then cancel my account. I wrote to the support, let's see what happens.

Aaannnd I cannot sleep.
I don't know what could help.
Send nudes/lewds, I guess. Those are always appreciated πŸ˜›

I will be starting at the new job tomorrow morning... Wish me luck!

I'm drunk in the middle of rh city and I don't know how I will come back home... Challenge accepted.

Is it just me or documentation sucks? It seems very abstract... Ughhh how do I use this thing? I guessed I'll have to spend another week or two messing with it... Any help is welcome πŸ˜…

I had to reboot an old server running ubuntu 14.04. A service did not start on its own, I had to start it by hand. was a mess, and I am so glad it died.

Tell me what you want, but I am glad exists.

The only reason I don't go full remote and go live a solarpunk life is that it's hard to get fiber-to-the-home if you live in the country.

hello if you still use chrome i gently recommend giving firefox a chance. i gave up on it a few years back but now that i'm using it again i think i'm here to stay. it's not perfect but neither is chrome, and it's actually beating chrome in speed in some areas these days

also google is about to seriously hinder adblocking extensions in favour of letting their own ads and tracking shit slide through

I'm setting up a new home server and god Nextcloud 16 is really awesome.

Growing up / advancing as sysadmin is also realizing that some choices you made on your previous home server were just awful.

I am upset. I am also in that state where I want to have dinner but I don't want to interact with my roommates in the kitchen and also don't want to go out and spend money. Also I'm hungry.

I just noticed that by defaults will keep of downloaded media .
YMMV, but you might want to change that behavior.

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