@freon wasn't the gemini supposed to also be able to run debian ?

@freon btw, the flashrom story is quite interesting. back in 2007-2008 there was some sort of unspoke alliance between jlime developers (a gnu/linux) distro and netbsd developers, mostly because both parties wanted the jornada to work well.
Some people went on to design a pcb that could replace the on-board rom of the jornadas, thus getting rid of win ce, add more ram and allow real suspend-to-ram. it was a dream, that sadly never became true :(

@freon yeah i read about that 128mb thing... hilariously enough, i am still in the hpcarm@ ml. it's so low volume that i didn't bother unsubscribing.
good luck though!

@freon are you trying to run NetBSD on an HP Jornada? I used to run it on a Jornada 728, like ten years a go. How is it going nowadays ? Did they ever release that flashrom board ?

Uncharted territories are not really my thing, at the moment. I find more interesting to learn how things work.

Basically: RHEL just like, for example, FreeBSD is a much more complete system with a well written and thorough documentation.
The projects develop a lot of technology themselves and test them thoroughly before releasing. It's a boring OS in the sense that you can install it and be fairly sure that you will get where you want to go, as long as you don't go in uncharted territories.

I used to run NetBSD on my Pentium-3 "home server" when I was 16-17, and really liked BSD systems in general. I stayed on GNU/Linux because, you know, I like my hardware working and, also, was a lot less technically strong.
Nowadays I really like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS and I think I understood why, i a sort of deja-vu.

This week I went to the gym on Monday and Wednesday. I also are at home, and ate green things and legumes. For short, literally followed the AdultingBestPracticesโ„ข. Tonight after a week of work I decided to treat myself a pizza from Domino's.
God I regret that so much. I really regret not having gone to the gym instead.

It just occurred to me that I'm only renting part of the flat, so the flat burning down might be an acceptable option as long as I get out alive.

I want to buy a mixer to make smoothies and stuff but all the mixers that seems legit enough not to burn my flat down are over 70 euros... I know I'll eventually get over this... And you'll probably see me mix angrily.
*Clicks "add to cart" in anger*

eye contact but it's a cat 

instance admins only 

Uh, I just realized this: if an on-line service requires more than an username and an email address to accept you as an user then you should not sign up.
An exception could be made for services that need to ship you stuff or seller you goods/service that you specifically signed up to buy... By otherwise, seriously, you should not sign up. And I'll try to live by these words.

Some guys recalling Mussolini's hanging in Loreto square 

youtube.com/watch?v=bNfAAQUQ_5 I've learnt that we're now in a complete different age of proprietary software... sigh.

I'm finally done with the move... Tonight I'll go give back old house keys, deposit has been wired and will land my bank account hopefully in a few days and then I'll leave my shitty ex-roommates behind. So glad!

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