For starters, 2.0 is standard and there's and for that (6749). The nice side effect is that there is a handy pdf ready for printing. Which I did. Reading that was pleasant. Give that the off is meant to be printed, it's reproducibly pleasant

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Sometimes one can stop for a moment and appreciate life. This morning my SO was sleeping besides me in the bed and I was finishing to red this classic that I never managed to read until the last page (The UNIX programming environment by Kernighan & Pike). It's Sunday, there's a nice sunny weather outside and there's smell of coffee in the house. Life is good.
Sometimes appreciating life means appreciating the little things.

Realization of being a DevOps engineer in 2020: all the apps made by developers are stateless, but the k8s cluster you manage is stateful. (You can still fuck things up)

Some guys recalling Mussolini's hanging in Loreto square 

I'm not that much into soccer, but for once, I appreciate it: go Celtic!

MWF i have to do slides for a class and last time I decided not to use LaTeX/Lyx and used Impress from LibreOffice instead and now I can copy the file and start working immediately without any fuss

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