Some guys recalling Mussolini's hanging in Loreto square 

MWF i have to do slides for a class and last time I decided not to use LaTeX/Lyx and used Impress from LibreOffice instead and now I can copy the file and start working immediately without any fuss

Since it's impossible to look the hashtag on birdsite without an account, I hope that someone will post about it here on Mastodon. Please boost!

One of the cool things about reading good old-style documentation is that you are reading about super serious things and examples are utterly naive reminiscences of old times, when the hardcore CS people were all keen on things like MUDs, and not startups and shit like that.

This is so inspiring on so many levels it could just become my new life philosophy.

Always pirate the content you buy. Today I wanted to play the Age of Empires II copy i regularly bought off steam. For some reasons I was offline and steam did not allow me to play. Had I pirated that copy, I would have been able to play.
So the lesson is: never trust the people that say that cloud-based, drm-enabled stuff will always work. Just make sure it'll work: pirate it.

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