We bought an kit (with an additional fermenter!).

The next goal for now is to make a basic and a very basic .

Independent here I come!


The funny thing is that we were looking at bottles for bottling out future mead/beer and turns out that it's cheaper to buy a beer with a good looking glass bottle at the grocery store, drink the beer and keep the bottle than to buy an empty bottle. So that's what we'll do! Reduce, reuse, recycle I guess.


Cheaper still, of course, is dumpster-diving behind a bar.

@publius definitely, although not very hygienic... Thank you for the tip, but that's a bit too much for me.

@manu go for swing-cap Grolsch style bottles, so you won't need a capper.

@black6 yup, definitely a good idea. I already have 10-10 (empty, lol) regular beer bottles at home, but the kind of bottles you're mentioning are obviously better. thank you for the tip!
the kit I got included a capper and some caps though!

@manu I've run into the same thing looking for plastic jars with screw-on lids for my pottery glaze chemicals. They are more expensive than some products that come in the same style container.

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