I don't usually talk about my daydreams, but today I want to do it.
My biggest and most recurring daydream is to retreat in the country, live a solarpunk life and work remotely, ideally writing code and/or managing cloud infrastructures.
Ideally I would like to have a big enough monitor (24", 1920x1200 at least) and a cheap laptop. Ideally all of my work data should be stored in the cloud itself.
I would also have a bigger private laptop, for my own stuff. 1/?

I would like to harvest my own food, and consume very little meat. I would like to have one or two freely roaming, well treated chickens that give me eggs every day, and use that as protein source. I would like to automate most of my harvesting, and produce biogas for cooking. The very little electronic I would have would be powered via solar panels on the roof of my very small house. 2/?

I don't need a very big house, but it should have an underground room for storing pickles and things like that. The ground-level room would host the kitchen, a dining table and a day area with a basic sofa and a coffee table. Bookshelves should occupy all the remaining space.
Then above that there should be the bedroom and and another room. The bedroom should be fairly simple, with a comfy bed and storage for various sheets and stuff. 3/?

The other room should be some kind of small office, for when I need some dedicated space.
Quite frankly, I can skip the elevated floor, though, it's not essential.
My ideal daily routine would be to wake up as soon as the sun raises, do the country work (remember: just enough to provide food to sustain my self), take care of the chicken(s), and set a slow cooker. At 8/9 am go back inside and start my day job, take a break for lunk, and then keep working unitl 4-5 pm.
Then, relax :D 4/?

It's weird because I could do some of these things. My grandfather used to own some land - he was a farmer. I have skills that would allow me to work remotely. The problem would be the internet connection though. Realistically, you need quite a speedy internet connection to work remotely, unless your work is asynchronous.
I'm still thinking about a solution to that problem. Also, I'm still studying to be more easily hireable to work remotely. 5/?

Here are some more or less youtube videos that keep me dreaming:
- youtube.com/watch?v=BqYrAWssrr (farmbot -- an automated farming bot)
- the whole tiny house rabbit hole
- the earthship rabbit hole
- youtube.com/watch?v=KdNan4akhg (this guy has managed to forage and harvest 100% of his own feed)


In the meantime I'm still in the big city, dreaming.

Who knows....

The end... Maybe?

Feel free to let me know what you think.


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@manu You vision is one shared by many - My recommendation if you are not married is to pursue making it a reality now. No reason it can’t be done when married but will be vastly harder. It’s still going to be hard single, no sugar coating.

@Snowcrash thanks for your observation. I do realize that making this a reality doesn't fit well with convincing someone else to join it. That's one other big potential issue. I will keep your observation in mind.

@manu I mean there is always a chance to meet a like minded person. I mention it only as a person that is married with kids myself. Uprooting the family for that lifestyle would be a challenge for someone like me. Not impossible but would taking some convincing. I find myself looking to satisfy the same itch in a cabin on a lake or rover somewhere that I can visit on weekends and short stints.

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