I learned a very useful #LibreOffice troubleshooting skill today. We've had users complain about random blank boxes overlapping their spreadsheets or documents before.

Turns out that if you open View > Navigator and look at the objects, you can easily select and delete them from there. #sharingiscaring

example: stackoverflow.com/questions/11 -- what the fuck dude? somebody asked how to do something that they might need to do even outside vim in the future. BUT HEY WHY DON'T YOU LEARN VIM KEYSTROKES?
Maybe I'm fine with my own $EDITOR?

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So I'm going through tmux tutorials to fill this gap. For some reason, all the tutorials assume that you use vim and pressure you to use its keybinding.
I mean, literally.... Did you just assume my editor?
I never felt so close to those people that use to ask the question "did you just assume my gender?".

the previous job reference is to add a second example of not ideal situation. yup, fortunately I left my previous room and my previous job.

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I was talking to an ex roommate who left before me and i wrote "fortunately I left that house too, otherwise now I'd have murdered someone" -- and then it hit me. i thought about my previous job and how it was affecting my relation with my SO too, and how better it was when i left. it hit me: if you're not okay with a situation, get the fuck out. GET THE FUCK OUT. you could and up even worse, but you know what? you can GET THE FUCK OUT again! what a life lesson!

As time goes on I'm starting to wonder when we will go back to normality. If we will go back, at all.
A few months ago I was posting "life is good". I miss that life. Nothing fancy, in reality. But it was good. Sometimes I stop and think and I'm really afraid that this will become the "new normality".

I've been reading that Netflix will lower down audio/video quality in europe to deal with increased traffic.
Meanwhile I'll be here, with my torrented media, playing at stolen full quality.

not so long ago I (finally) implemented resync between my mx backup and my primary mx. along with that there's alerting to know when to resync. the dumb thing is that since i'm quite proud of this automation, i'm now syncing my email even when i know it's spam. i sync it and then remove it. worthless, but automated.

so i'm now in the the third (fourth? i've lost count) of work from home due to emergency. I'm fine so far but i'm starting to feel the weight of this all. spending 23/24 hours per day at home is dreadful. it's not working remotely, it's more about not getting out of home forever.
But OTOH there's not much to do.
I'll keep calm and carry on.

also, the terraform code is versioned in a git repository and use api key credentials to access aws, so no more web ui. cool.
also, the repository is encrypted, so that should be fairly secure.

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Just proudly voted for Bernie Sanders in the Tennessee primary. Happy Super Tuesday y'all.
6:53 AM Β· Mar 3, 2020

Also good things from today: I made a proof of concept of managing my dns records via terraform, using route53 as usual. Using infra-as-code is cool because I don't have to reach for my phone to get the 2fa to log into the aws console anymore.

Good things from today: I finally moved my personal AWS 2FA tokens off my phone and onto a regular computer. I am finally less dependent on my phone.
I really hope I can get rid of it sooner or later.


Uh, I found the backups from the previous mailserver. Six years old.
I'm finally importing them into the current mailserver.
I'll soon have to move again, but I don't want to accumulate backups from different servers.
It's strange to see email from 2012 though.

Also, I'm finnally tacking a problem I've postponed for a while: if you self host your e-mail and have an mx backup server... how do you bring back mails that have been delivered to the mx during an outage to the primary server? I'm coming up with a solution, and then I'll have to automate that too (and add that to a cronjob).

This week i've been finally able to automate some stuff at home. For example I finally automated zfs snapshots replicatio over to some remote machines I own. Also snapshot retention. I feel a lot more confident about my data and my self-hosted services now.

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