Sometimes one can stop for a moment and appreciate life. This morning my SO was sleeping besides me in the bed and I was finishing to red this classic that I never managed to read until the last page (The UNIX programming environment by Kernighan & Pike). It's Sunday, there's a nice sunny weather outside and there's smell of coffee in the house. Life is good.
Sometimes appreciating life means appreciating the little things.

Pre-orders are open for the @Kubuntu Focus, a high-end Plasma-powered laptop designed for work that requires intense GPU computing, fast NVMe storage and optimal cooling to unleash the CPU's maximum potential.

A complete KDE review coming soon!

Dear @catpostingbot I know you're probably a piece of executable code running somewhere and won't really reply, however I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate all the cat pics you post. Thank you.

This is a useful way to see how the different protocols of the #Fediverse and #Federation interact and which software uses which.

i'm not feeling that well tonight so i guess i'll devote my night to warmth in the bed and openldap

Never stop learning. Always seek out new information. Whether its scientific, historic, cultural or whatever, always keep struggling to improve yourself through knowledge, if you can.

so... well yess, weird stories. I'm learning ldap, by the way.

of course i did try again days later and it is working (12/?)

until i decided to see what ip address had the container been assigned. i run the usual ip a s and the math does not check out. there is no network interface besides lo(opback).
then it clicks... podman is rootless. so it has no permission to do network interface black magic and give you a network interface and an ip inside a container.

so i mumble and i mumble and i mumble until i run out of mumbling and decided that, SIGH, i have to take the dust off my sysadmin hat and go back to do good old troubleshooting INSIDE THE CONTAINER. like, spawn an interactive shell inside the container (kept alive with black magic) and mess around.
so i look around and things look normal, of course (because the thing worked) until... (10/?)

so i pull this image and launch the container with the same options i used with docker, but the container dies. i slim down the options to basically just expose the tcp port and use all the possible defaults. the container dies.
that thing WORKED. literally, i can't have broken a thing which is immutable by definition (a container). it's literally meant not to break. (9/?)

i guess i'' give this new thing from redhat a try -- PODMAN.
apparently redhat has observed this whole container thing, pondered, observed, and proposed its own solution, which does things better because it's ROOTLESS, which sound super cool.
so I install podman and according to its website it should let you basically use the same syntax as the docker cli. i effectively pull an image and want to start the same container i've used in my learning because it worked well (8/?)

docker images, amirite ? it's only been ten years they've been around, after all.
centos8 does not ship docker in its repository, apparently. it's still to new, apparently.
lemme check epel-release ... nada. i mean, WHO THE FUCK USES DOCKER AFTER ALL, IN FUCKING 2020?
anyway, my rage is raising as there is no way to run good old software (openldap) and no way to run new software (containers) --- APPARENTLY (7/?)

oh and btw -- centos8, apparently now yum is not good enough anymore, so we've got dnf which is a "dandyfied" yum. it accepts all the yum parameters so much that yum is an alias to dnf, it's written in python just like yum... but for some reason red hat had to change something that was working. it certainly does some more things, but apparently increasing the version number was not okay for red hat. but i digress. (6/?)

so the i head over the documentation and it's not clear whether the version of 389d used as base for the documentation i am reading is okay. anyway, i decided this is not going to work as i've already wasted an hour on red hat documentation and nothing has been installed yet.
i decide to fuck it and get that docker image running so that I can focus on connecting stuff to ldap and that i will later come back at learning how to do a proper setup. (5/?)

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