@claudiom I will try other options on the boot menu, thanks for the help.

@claudiom It only has a AMD/ATI chip, the black screen is before I install the system, its occurs on the install, specific when the kernel finish loading.
Tried several install images and flash drives and nothing.

@claudiom is an old notebook with a video chip from ATI/AMD, as soon the kernel is loaded it gives a black screen and freezes.

I couldn't get FreeBSD to run on a notebook. I'm surprised, because I've practically made it run on everything.

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I never gave my machines a "name". I recently started to do it.

NanoBSD/TinyBSD is still a thing? I have plenty of small sizes CF cards and thin clients.

Sometimes i feel like giving up any technology and going to live in the bush.

@greypilgrim for cheap maybe a "thin client" with upgradeable options, yeah, i know... x86

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