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Reading a review of at, and realized that I don't actually know if my kernel in loads code for which there is no source. And I am sure that my has some binary driver blob fuckery going on.

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@maiki It is also one of the best crowdfunded projects ive had the pleasure of being a backer of, in terms of communication. The Crowd Supply updates are regular and lurking on the mailing list has been crazy educational.

Does anyone use GNU/Linux? I know is a great project, and they have awesome docs for everything, but I am not aware of the superficial differences between Arch-based and or -based, or how those make it into Parabola.

I don't avoid it because of this, it is just that I do a pretty decent job of installing the warez I want.

Is there a default WM in Parabola?

The crowdsupply page has a lot of useful info, after the sales images and specs:

I love all the motivations behind this project. ^_^

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@maiki Im not into hardware arch on that level per se, ive just been lurking in enough mailing lists long enough to know the shape of the problem that has been frustrating me as well as you.

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@maiki ARM for example allows for a lot of extensions onto itself as a processor. Most vendors add on custom and standard extensions in their SoCs which are wholly proprietary that they often don't even own the drivers for. Which creates a lot of proprietary extensions which takes years if not decades for the FLOSS community to reverse engineer.

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@maiki Completely liberated silicon. Not only the instruction set but many of the chips itself are being designed completely in the open with no royalties. Also unlike other such attempts it's goal is to be competitive with proprietary silicon and scale from micro-controllers to general purpose computers.

Its also much cleaner on the instruction set level than x86 and Arm.

Its also going to possibly serve as the foundation of a new waive of SoCs many of which ought to be completely libre.

I am surprised the new forums are instead of . I wonder if it was easier to theme and integrate with their SSO system.

Too bad, Discourse is dope!

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Can't quite remember how to spell that Finnish word? Here's a handy tip! Write down your best guess, then double every single letter and put dots above every single vowel.

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Hey , Proprietary software aside. What are people's feelings on Axiom Verge?

Ive actually never played a Metroidvania before. Would it be a good one to cut my teeth on?

Hard to sleep when a literal jack hammer is being operated about 10 feet from my brain box.

For : use CDN for serving casual API endpoints or feeds.

I've been doing that with to pull in data when builds. "Pulls" data from a dinky site on a shared host, no prob.

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@maiki This post covers the broad strokes of what is blobbed as of May.

WiFi , GPU , Boot Rom + Proprietary flashing tool.

Hey, boost and share answers!

I am listing a portfolio of projects in this format:


I was thinking it would be an unordered list, but does that make sense? Is that an empty li? p with br for lines?

Or maybe it ought to be sections...?

If I did section I wouldn't have to restyle them, but I still need to figure out if that is one or more paragraphs.


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Likely useless knowledge: the time zone of the Pitcairn Islands, the world's least inhabited country, is the same as the Pacific Standard Time, same time zone as Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Tijuana.

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RSS is the most useful information source in my life. I can't fathom why more people don't know about and subscribe to RSS feeds.

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I can't find any articles critical of the aside from awkwardness. Has anyone criticized/commented on the firmware?

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