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I have an file I need to pull text from to format for a website. I thought might figure it out, but no go. I don’t need editing abilities, just a way to grab text without selecting across columns, as these things do.

So, which free software opens .indd files? :slight_smile:

I have access to and .

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I need an idea for a cli app that could use a dashboard. I'm trying out some new tech and need a real project to help me practice. Nothing super complex, that I can get done in a day or two. Whatcha got?

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I’m looking for anyone who has had or can point me to accounts of experiences setting up a #gender-neutral bathroom at a #tech #conference—signage, logistics, safety, etc. Boosts appreciated!

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Mad RPG ideas while listening to the 'Origin of Love' on the Hedwig Soundtrack 

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apologies for the delay..... but autumn witch is here! 🍂

18 pages include 5 illustrations, tips, basic info, and a couple 3-card tarot spreads.

download for free/pay what you want on my gumroad now! 🖤

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"The UN Youth Climate Summit must take into account not only the whole of humanity, the 7 billion human beings alive today, but also those who will be alive in the next century and the centuries after that. We have to think about how to maintain a healthy atmosphere and how to reduce our contribution to global warming. Scientists are clear that changing our lifestyle and behaviour can make a substantial difference."

-Dalai Lama

Just a weird poll for my idle curiosity:

Do you use regularly?

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Job search, software/web development, :boost_ok: 

@funkwhale I believe "unknown" is spelled incorrectly in the last heading at, unless that is a quirk. ^_^

@trashheap started a collection of surreal/hilarious computer bugs (because I call "two" a collection):

Please point me to other resources for the collection! ^_^

I'm already lost in Penny Marshall's career...

@trashheap also, I hadn't thought of Laverne and Shirley for ages, despite having seen the complete series (I know a lot more about American television history than I care to admit). It made me want to watch it all over again, to see the parts I missed as a kid. ^_^

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Moving in over here. Previously a fediverse citizen at @trashHeap

Been thinking the instance would be a better fit for me, ever since I tripped over it. (Which unfortunately was a few weeks after setting up my fosstodon account.)

Ive jumped around instances more than I should. (I might have a problem). But I plan to hang my hat here for a while.

I put in one letter to find the most visited URLs, and then shared my relationship to them:

This is a thing we used to do for fun, but I like it as I don't actually visit many sites, and this paints a picture of what I use, as well as compromises made. ^_^

Most times I refer to , without version. Doesn't matter to me in most contexts.

Okay: I *think* there are multiple licenses, with variable clauses. Is it safe to refer to all of them as BSD, without qualifier? When is it important?

A feedback vote is happening about adding a dialect of to Hugo for generating pages from data sources (MS-Git link):

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UK politics / Call to action 

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Folks who do wikidata, would appreciate support on my proposal to remove the constraint that anyone added to an item as its programmer must have a "sex or gender" statement on their own wikidata item record:

Got a lot of the way, but mapping all the fields required took up more time than I expected. Will write up more tomorrow. ^_^

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