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Welp, Sandra Bullock tried to warn us in 2015.

Oh hey, apparently the Notes app has received an option to choose the server directory to save notes. That is important if you want to save them to a specific storage backend, like one of the various S3-type things.

Yay! switched to Mailchimp, so I was able to finally unsubscribe from their newsletter! Prior to this I couldn't do so without loading a bunch of 3rd party scripts while logging into their customer site. Thanks for making it easier to unsub, Mailchimp!

I got auto-botted for being uniquely awesome at using square brackets:

That is different than being Autobotted, wherein you remain in the vehicle while transforming...

I'd love for a time-traveler to come to the past and claim prior art on everyone's copyright. You "timies", everything is so linear for you!

To cope, my brain has started mashing up things for my amusement. The latest, Tony Bennet cosplaying as Tomi Undergallows, at an after-con cocktail party.

"Here's comes halfling death! Hey, how's it going? Yeah!"

Our family is going through some stuff. It is trying. We are fine and healthy. But S and C are out of town for the whole week, and I am a bit sad and lonely.

> And he cultivated a relationship with Justice Kennedy’s son, Justin, who worked closely with the Trump Organization in his role at Deutsche Bank as the global head of real-estate capital markets, according to the Times.

That seems... very strange.

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hey everybody! just wanted to let people know that thanks to everybody who contributed to #500pieces we saved THREE TERABYTES of open, cc-licensed images from 500px over only two days!

You can view the hard work of the volunteers at the IA collection, including dozens of people who heard about it specifically from mastodon. Thanks to @eq for providing the initial mastodon call for action!

Self-host mailing lists, not newsletters.

Putting up objects, such as life-sized statues of mascots, seems like a particularly cruel alien prank used to demonstrate how pitifully unprepared humanity is for joining galactic society.

"Yeah, look, like 90% of them queue to stand in front of it for 10 seconds! Bi-pedals, so weird!"

Okay, yer brain is really awesome, but gets distracted easily. You have two options:

1. Stop looking at things capable of distracting you, or
2. Skip to the part where consumer machine intelligence filters everything we see and do in a ways that provides security and privacy...

So, yeah...

Anyone know of a that emulates a single-player party system? As in, you make a party of six characters and play, like yer FFs or DQs. I am really digging that idea lately, but it is hard to search. So, any muds with that kind of play? Also, what is that kind of play called? ^_^

Oh hey, I beat .

Holy fuck why doesn't this game come with a trigger warning?! The basic premise of the game is based on strategic violence against women by a death god. W. T. F?!

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@mike_hales @mako @h Hey, I want a living wage, and I want to be in a coop. How do I do that? Because if you can point me to a link, I'll get on that, and then we'll get coop-run platforms.

Also, I am a professional critic. This is a shot across the bow, companies and services! People literally pay me to opine on what they should use and spend money on. I have very high standards. Do you?

Here's the deal: I won't be overly sarcastic when criticizing projects, as long as they stay accessible. The IndieWeb is an advanced memetic social network with a rapidly developing API. I am not interested, but it sure looks fun! Remember, ! That's the deal. ^_^

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Wow. I've been head in the sand for the last few years and not following what's going on with Blender. Huge things are happening!

The new realtime rendering and 2d drawing tools are amazing looking

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@eq Choice quote:

> Is 500px providing a migration path for existing contributors who submit Creative Commons images?

> The short answer is no. Our plan is to remove the ability to upload an image to 500px with a Creative Commons license. We’ll also be removing the functionality to download and search for Creative Commons images on our website.

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