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The original message is still up at, as I post. ^_^

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@maiki Proprietary software is dumb and weird as always. But its kind of startling that their license precludes educational entertainment.

It kind of reveals their values a bit.

For some applications PBS would have a hard time meeting these terms but the most fashionable genres of first person murder simulators wouldbe fine.

Okay, so my findings are kinds neat. Those replies remain, and mine disappeared, mostly. It hasn't federated fully, and I understand that.

I opened the replies before deleting, and then refreshed. Here are local and fed screenshots.

@kensanata, have you discussed the expire feature in anywhere? I find the prospects fascinating. ^_^

I was curious about the license (, and found this funny part:


Under this Agreement the following will not be considered Games:

military projects;
simulation (technical, scientific, other);
Serious Games.


They define "Serious Games" later, too. That sounds like a really great license. Oh, wait, this may be a simulation of a sarcastic game I'm playing..!

I loved looking at the maps of ! The bold colors they used and the novelty of hexes, it was quite a treat to my young brain.

So you can imagine how geeked out I am over ^_^

@satchmoz I like the idea of funkwhale to build a friend radio site. I haven't dived into the technical aspects, but I definitely see something like that in our future. ^_^

@satchmoz Ya know, I hadn't even thought of Opus for music, but it makes sense for audio servers to accept FLAC and convert to Opus for streaming, ne?

The docs have been updated with an entire section for the new "asset processing set of functions." ^_^

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I just published an article that describes in technical detail how Russia executed their attacks on the US election, how they got caught, and what capabilities the US appears to have.

What Mueller's Latest Indictment Reveals About Russian and U.S. Spycraft

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@satchmoz I've been thinking about this, but I am a bit confused: you moved *off* of ogg vorbis?

I ask, because I bought a digital audio player specifically to match my headphones to match FLAC quality.

This is an upgrade from my library of ogg vorbis, which I love and keep. ^_^

Could you expand on yer setup? I wasn't paying attention. 😎

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Your small tech org, user group, or open source community could, for just USD$200, get a code of conduct evaluation, a report, and a half-hour meeting about next steps. From/with an expert. This is AMAZING value for money, in my opinion.

@mwlucas To clarify, none of those services provide "dedicated server hosting". WP-Engine is "managed WordPress hosting", while the others have some tools, but are mostly hands-off.

Any of them could work, but I'd have to know the nature of the site to recommend. Is it editorial? Commerce? Large number of user concurrency, or can everything be cached? Comments, user accounts? If there is a site spec or description, I'll take a look and let ya know. ^_^

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Police violence against striking workers Show more

@micahflee > I also put a bunch of hacker stickers all over it, hoping that this would make it a more enticing target.

Okay, but counter-point: EFF stickers should signal to others that there is a chance someone is gonna make their job very difficult.

A more tempting target might be covered in branded company logos, maybe all the companies owned by Alphabet or Facebook. You might be an engineer!

I have a six-year old, we think about stickers a lot. ^_^

@mala I agree that should be, and thinking about it, I should be in front of that trend ().

@MannyKat8x do you have a link that exhibits the behavior? Nothing comes to mind as to the cause.

@witchysagittarius is an instance of Discourse I run, for discussion. I say that, but it is really the basis of my social network, and tags are just like they are here, except you can monitor them in different ways, such as getting the first message in each thread. That tag seems important. ^_^

@cwebber > <kanye>Okay, that is one paragraph is an entire article, and I’m gonna let you read it, **but OMFG how is *pcAnywhere* still a thing?!**</kanye>