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I didn't say much aloud today. Even though I walked a few miles in a city. Weird.

Wasn't able to get Enhanced Edition installed in 28. Lots of debugging and symlinking libraries, but still not cooperating.

This make me think two things:

1. My gaming computer should probably be
2. My actual computer should be Fedora

Wow this movie got weird near the end... I am not sure where this is going.

Also also, they could have completely left out the moral argument, and this movie would have been fine. But it is actually pretty interesting to see!

Also, can we just give "motherfucker" to Samual L Jackson? I already hear it in eir voice in my head!

Watching , and loving it. Jackson is the most hilarious, and Reynolds is surprising as a foil!

But also, I can't help but think this is part of the MCU, and I think that makes it better! !

@NYbill hahaha, it's a bog!

I hope you like it.

It's a bog! ^_^

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Family is traveling, and I feel lonely. So ! ^_^

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This is old but I just came across it (or forgot it sufficiently to believe I just did) by recommendation from a coworker:

Gather: The Art and Science of Effective Convening

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Apparently Jeff Bezos makes $28,000 (the median yearly salary of an Amazon employee) every 9 seconds.

He's on the way to becoming the world's first trillionaire.

The inequality is mind boggling. How do you actually, concretely, undo this kind of madness?

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Parcelling up orders today has got me thinking about sustainable packaging.

Packaging up a little magnetic mount car antenna:
- the plastic bag it comes in from the supplier
- bubble wrap to protect it (plastic)
- a plastic mailing bag (single use)

Surely there is a better way? Does anyone know of any suppliers of sustainable, recyclable protective packaging?

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What are your preferred alternatives to Google Drive's shared documents for writing/editing? Preferring ones which don't require accoutn/login!

Please Boost!?

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I need a favorite thing on the internet this week for the podcast โ€” anything you all have found delightful lately?

@audrey The Xbox Adaptive Controller. It made me cry I was so happy. That is a huge boon to the gaming community!

@failtime But then you would have filtered all your friends who just happen to be casually discussing the GDPR. ^_^

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@maiki Had I been more intelligent, I would've set up a filter for those on my inbox a month ago.

is like , even if you have a basic understanding, the more you learn the more likely you'll think, "What the hell does any of that mean? How could it possibly affect life on earth?"

Check email, 16 messages, half of which are about .