Our bus friends gave Clover and I Pokémon cards!

It is hard to tell from looking at the cards how to play. There is seriously a lot of info on these little cards!

Trying a new layout on the balcony, so we can spend more time outside. I should say, "Susan is trying a new layout." I just use ogre strength to move unwieldy items. ^_^

I've distilled my home page down to the essentials.


Okay, so my findings are kinds neat. Those replies remain, and mine disappeared, mostly. It hasn't federated fully, and I understand that.

I opened the replies before deleting, and then refreshed. Here are local and fed screenshots.

@kensanata, have you discussed the expire feature in anywhere? I find the prospects fascinating. ^_^

I've way into , and only now am I starting to bother with keyboard shortcuts... but they are really great!

> Corrupted Content Error

> The site at meta.discourse.org/ has experienced a network protocol violation that cannot be repaired.

> The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because an error in the data transmission was detected.

> Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

Whoa, cool, a "network protocol violation"!

Obey IP, it's the Law!

It used to be a lot easier to figure out what things were from context...

Does 's new policies require my consent to be tracked by their creepylinks?

I was making my annual visit to h-node.org/, and was surprised to see a Mobile link in the sidebar! Surely there aren't new mobile devices aside from whatever runs Replicant!

But it was just a link to the mobile version of the website... this is disappointing on many levels, first as a person looking for portable, freedom-respecting hardware, and then mostly as a webcrafter. 😭


I get clickable links in because of my terminal, but it doesn't sense a linewrap midway through, and as you well know, folks send ludicrously long URLs in email for whatever reason.

So I started glancing at my .muttrc, see if I can configured something (I thought I was making them clickable...), and realized I had configured a while ago.

urlscan is awesome! It even provides context!

But you should still not send HTML via email. 😩


I was looking up the word "prophylactic" and the DDG results, for some hilarious reason, picks a random (not the first or prominent heading) section to quote:

> Some men put the prophylactic on just the tip of the penis: this is a mistake, because the prophylactic will come off. (figuratively) ...

It wraps part of the next definition, but also, "literally"! Include "literally"! 😏


> Want to Support Open Source? Whitelist Your Ad-Blocker.

That's not how open-source, or ad-blockers work!


For reference, this is how I include on my biz card.

Yep, I consider jabber crucial, whereas POTS number is excluded.


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