On the meta , I earned a badge for "Famous Link". Only 30 other people have it!

It is for a link that's been clicked... **1,000** times!

My link for in a topic entitled, "Which is better? Discourse or Flarum?"


To which I answered:

> You should try bboard at sdf.org 1.0k. That is the obviously the best, and now this thread is done and can be marked as solved.

Yep! sdf.org is the link! At least 1,000 people checked it out! 😎

Shaming racist speech in public, a discussion 

Here's a pic of Clover and me, taken by Susan: susanmagnolia.com/2018/11/thes

We're rocking our new kicks. My kid's style is very cape-based.

We look like a shinigami and a quincy were hanging in Oakland!

Wow, the filters are actually pretty versatile! @cosullivan brought this useful feature to my attention, and I think I might be able to unmute some of my peeps with .

And not even for serious stuff, though gawd that already feels like a migraine dissolving; sometimes I just don't want to track some meme or joke, because humans are varied and tempermental and I am very human in this regard! ^_^

We are helping a farmers market with a web thing, and Clover decided to do some storyboarding/wireframes for me...

"Taste buds" are friends you eat with.

Kiddo is using washi tape, a marker and scissors to apply eir own bespoke library sorting system... typical six year-old Saturday morning activities!

The logotype for , as printed on the seats, is making me want to play .

Our bus friends gave Clover and I Pokémon cards!

It is hard to tell from looking at the cards how to play. There is seriously a lot of info on these little cards!

Trying a new layout on the balcony, so we can spend more time outside. I should say, "Susan is trying a new layout." I just use ogre strength to move unwieldy items. ^_^

Okay, so my findings are kinds neat. Those replies remain, and mine disappeared, mostly. It hasn't federated fully, and I understand that.

I opened the replies before deleting, and then refreshed. Here are local and fed screenshots.

@kensanata, have you discussed the expire feature in anywhere? I find the prospects fascinating. ^_^

I've way into , and only now am I starting to bother with keyboard shortcuts... but they are really great!

> Corrupted Content Error

> The site at meta.discourse.org/ has experienced a network protocol violation that cannot be repaired.

> The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because an error in the data transmission was detected.

> Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

Whoa, cool, a "network protocol violation"!

Obey IP, it's the Law!

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