Hey users, I am a person trying to harm none and survive with my family in capitalism. I know a lot about WordPress, particularly enterprise solutions.

But what I want to do is help individuals. So I need to do some market research. How much would you pay for:

1 Un-hacking a site
2 Month or year of hosting
3 An hour of phone support
4 Manage yer domains/DNS
5 Email support

Thanks! Please !

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1) unhacking a site can go for $200, but it's largely dependent on how important the site was in the first place
2) most uninformed people pay up to $10/month for bluehost/squarespace but savvy people pay $5/month for a vps or droplet
3) your hourly rate depends on how valuable you think your support it, mostly
4) managed DNS might be palatable for like $3-5/month
5) see #3, but adjust pricing by how quickly you respond

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