Everyone can send self-destructing email to I will assure it will destruct in a safe environment, where no humans will be harmed, and no messages will be compromised.

You heard it here! If you want your email 100% safe, send self-destructing email to! We are compliant!

for a chance to win up to six free self-destructing emails!

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@maiki how long before certain government agencies demand the ability to un-self-destruct emails for um "national security" reasons... But not their own emails, of course...

@shivvi Thanks for asking a great question! My service provides a proprietary system called Data Equivalent Linked Ethics Total Expungement. I've worked since reading a toot earlier today to build this scalable cloud . It is as simple as clicking a BUTTON! And it will always be free for members of Congress, Hacker News readers, and folks that use a "non-commercial license"!

@maiki My system has had a delete button for decades... That's prior art, that is...

@shivvi @maiki

Shit. Now I see why my #Chromebook keyboard does NOT have a #Delete button.


@shivvi @Shamar No problem! Forward your self-destructing messages to our service, we will delete them without even reading the contents! !

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