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Okay folks, we are down one phone, so looking at our family strategy for communications. We got to thinking about walkie-talkies...

I like the idea of walkie talkies, especially because the only thing holding our phones in place is emergency communications.

I also bet I could get Clover's homeschooling buddies in on this, which serves as a *much* better device than a so-called "smartphone".

So please now bombard me with information about walkie-talkies and radio stuff for families. ^_^

@maiki - not sure of your budget, but you could get inexpensive android phones (the kind used for prepaid stuff) and not buy minutes.

Instead use it as a wifi device. Download a wifi voice app, such as Signal, and connect to open wifi whereever you are.

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@mareklach @tinker I use Ting, and I have a drawer full of phones. ^_^

We want to step out of that whole game, though. Ting is great, but the industry of "mobile ISPs" is, I don't know, some clever way to describe a cesspool that everyone has to drink from...

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@maiki @tinker Can you really disconnect from any operator altogether in today’s day and age? Even things like Signal, or Bitmessage require at least an internet connection/mobile data.

The only way around that would be a series of secret codes between you, like leaving blue phone on the kitchen sink means to pick up Kate at such and such a time, etc.

@mareklach what about today's "day and age" makes this difficult? I only use my Android phone to jabber with my peeps. I did that for a decade before smartphones and data plans, and I am pretty sure I will be doing it after, as well. ^_^

@maiki Yeah, I mean getting tracked nowadays is easier than ever, but I am all for as much privacy as you can get.