Okay folks, we are down one phone, so looking at our family strategy for communications. We got to thinking about walkie-talkies...

I like the idea of walkie talkies, especially because the only thing holding our phones in place is emergency communications.

I also bet I could get Clover's homeschooling buddies in on this, which serves as a *much* better device than a so-called "smartphone".

So please now bombard me with information about walkie-talkies and radio stuff for families. ^_^

@maiki - not sure of your budget, but you could get inexpensive android phones (the kind used for prepaid stuff) and not buy minutes.

Instead use it as a wifi device. Download a wifi voice app, such as Signal, and connect to open wifi whereever you are.


@tinker I could pick up a Nextbit Robin for $120 and put LineageOS on it, and it would be awesome. ^_^

But, in this case, we are actually trying to cut back on surveillance boxes in our pockets, tracking our habits and being additional attack vectors.

I have plenty of phones and tablets, but I don't think we need anything like that. Maybe we just need an infrequent way to say, "hey, heading home now, will pick up kale". ^_^

@maiki - Ah, gotcha. Maybe a PiZeroW build with a small 3.5 touchscreen and a wifi voip linux application?

@tinker I would love that! Especially if I could get it wrist/forearm-mounted!

@maiki - Sounds like a project! Need to find an appropriate SIP or VoIP application, but this is doable.

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