Hey folks, would you like to see , , and (and others!) URI schemes added to text parsing, so those become links in toots?

Please join the discussion at

Boost and if you have a GitHub account, get in there and at least leave emoji reactions. I don't want to bother development unless this is a thing a lot of folks care about. ^_^

@maiki My first thought was how difficult is it to implement those URIs that frankly are not used much outside of a small community. I looked at the linked code in the twitter-text link and it looked fairly straight-forward (I was weirded out a bit 'coz brain thot it was reading python and I don't know ruby..).
Then I thought of some (to me) fun URIs if we had authentication down solid.


Oops, this should be on github. I'll cp/pasta

@maiki heh, got distracted reading the twitter-text link and didn't read your post properly. You already think it would bet unwieldy in the near future adding URI's to it the way it is. I've updated my post to reflect yours. Sorry about that.

@rysiek good points, but while I don't personally use FTP, I hear it is used in many contexts, still, such as anonymous FTP for file distro, or in "developing areas", whatever that means.

And I doubt linking to ftp:// is gonna turn folks onto the protocol... but that would be wild if they did! I'd probably jump on that more than !

@maiki @rysiek I didnt know the Guardian uses it to help people leak information to them until yesterday. Pretty interesting stuff.

@DatTux @maiki @rysiek the guardian had a pretty sophisticated anonymous data drop. I didn't realize they still had FTP going as well.

@tomasino @DatTux @maiki the Guardian uses SecureDrop:

I'm surprised they still have "anonymous" FTP going too.

@rysiek @maiki It's true. I had a few websites who insisted on ftp (forestry clients) and *what* a pita that was to implement. Stupid ports, insecure... It's like a protocol Dr. Frankenstein might have created out of mouldering spare parts he found in an rfc graveyard.

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